Why LGBT Rocks

lgbtLGBT – an initial that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

According to Wikipedia , the initialism LGBT is intended to emphasize a diversity of sexuality and gender identity-based cultures and is sometimes used to refer to anyone who is non-heterosexual or non-cisgender instead of exclusively to people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

Last November 29, 2014, I had the chance to attend the “Rainbow Connection Demystifying the LGBT Market” at Best Western Antel Hotel, Makati. It’s an event collaboration with liberating Jepoy #DPOP and Digital Filipino that seeks to understand the LGBT Market Segment.

In this modern world, we can see that most LGBTs now are in the open because  society has learned to accept them more especially in the showbiz and fashion industry. That is why companies need to learn how to market them because they are also an “influencers” and play special parts in our society today.

Why LGBT Rocks (as I see it)

Nicolo Cosne

me with Nicolo Cosme

They are talented and have an eye for fashion and art. They reign over others in beauty salons and night clubs. Admittedly, most of them may really be better than their straight counterparts in these fields.

One living example of talent in art is Nicolo Cosme, an internationally renowned  Creative Director, Photographer/Visual Artist. He is one of the speakers in the event and it’s amazing to see his artwork presented during the affair.

 They are fun to be with. I have a gay and a lesbian friends and we always have a good laugh when we are with him/her. There would be no dull moment and you can talk with them any topics under the sun.

They are responsible. Maybe because they have complete sexes in them, they tend to be motherly and at the same time have some fatherly traits. I have seen in a TV documentary one time (sorry, it’s been a long time ago and I can’t remember anymore the details of the program) about a gay who have many siblings. He told the one interviewing him that he will do everything he can to elevate their life and to send his young siblings to school. Because of hardship, his older siblings also stopped schooling and got married but he said that he will dedicate his life to his siblings even if it meant staying single forever.

They are loyal. Having gay friends is like having bodyguards (just kidding) because they will defend you from enemies especially if you can’t depend yourself.

Also, according to one speaker in the ‘rainbow Connection” seminar, LGBTs also tend to be loyal to brands. Once they like to the brand they are using, they will immediately become brand advocates and endorse the product to their friends and relatives to the extent of following up If they already tried the product that they are telling them to try,

They are committed and faithful. Word of honor is a trait they have.

I recall one member of the religious community I am affiliated with who’s an LGBT member. We had a community gathering one time and while he was still on his way to the venue, he sensed that his blood pressure was rising because he could feel  the symptoms. He was torn between going to the hospital vs. going to the church gathering.. and he chose to go to the church gathering because he told us that he knew that the Lord will guide him. (He only shared this story with us after several days and I was so touched by what he said .. but we do not recommend this because feelings and body functions are also God-given and help us decipher if we are in any physical danger, healthwise.)

Rainbow Connection Group Shot

Rainbow Connection Group Shot (Photo courtesy: Joanne Verdon Santos)


As I have stated above, LGBT rocks, but it is also a fact that even in this modern world, those who belong to this category still have a long way to go to be fully accepted by society. Although many are now accepted by friends and families, many are still discriminated and treated as a second class citizens in our country.

Let’s not forget that LGBT’s are also children of our God. It is not their fault that they became one so we should love them as we love straight persons because they are no different from us. We are all creation of one and the same loving and understanding God. Simply said, how can we express love for all, especially the “poor” in our society who may be the object of discrimination, such as the LGBTs?

Special thanks to the event sponsors: Best Western Antel Hotel, Shinagawa, Island Rose, and 2Go.