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It’s 2015 and this is also the time that ASEAN integration will happen here in the Philippines. This move will open more (and bigger) doors of opportunities for many businesses. However,  it also means that Filipino Entrepreneurs should  brace themselves with skills comparable with their ASEAN counterparts.

In preparation for the ASEAN integration, it is important and urgent we fix our eyes on  E-commerce.  According to I-Metrics Asia Pacific Corporation’s E-Commerce Maturity Score Card, 30% of Filipino internet users are done electronically and 20% of payments are made online.

Many companies are now adopting E-commerce, but one of the struggles they are facing is the lack of well trained professionals today who have a well-rounded knowledge of the whole phase of E-commerce. (Companies often resort to hiring different professionals for different tasks like business development, payment system, E-commerce development and promotion)

Luckily, Ms. Janette Toral of Digital Filipino,  in collaboration with the Asian Institute of E-Commerce and AIE College, have a program that could help students  become  Certified in E-Commerce.

The special benefits earned by participants from the program:

  1. Certificates – The 11-module training program is covered by a Certificate (provided the participant satisfactorily complies with all the requirements of each module.)
  2. Expert Trainer – The trainer for this program is Ms. Janette Toral, an E-commerce Advocate who is an expert on this subject matter.
  3. Distinguished resource persons -There will be at least 40 guest resource persons throughout the 11 modules who will join in face-to-face and live webinar sessions.
  4. Can be taken purely online – The training program can be taken purely online but certificates will only be issued to those who will be able to complete the research / report / project work.
  5. Units can be earned – Participants can earn units provided that they comply in full with the module requirements. (complete an equivalent of 54 hours spend per module:Attend the 8-hour Face-to-Face lecture, Participate in 4 live webinar sessions, take (and pass) the prelims, midterm and final exam, do the research / report / actual project work.)
  6. Diploma/Bachelor in E-commerce – Participants who have satisfactorily finished at least 2nd year college can earn a Diploma in E-Commerce and those who have finished at least 3rd year college can earn a Bachelor of Science in E-Commerce provided that they meet the required  minimum units and complying to the requirements of the program to earn units (complete an equivalent of 54 hours spend per module:Attend the 8-hour Face-to-Face lecture, Participate in 4 live webinar sessions, take (and pass)  the prelims, midterm and final exam, do the research / report / actual project work.).Transcript of records must also be submitted to Asian Institute of E-Commerce/AIE College for review.
  7. Easy payment system – Participants may pay in full or per module basis. ( Asian Institute of E-Commerce / AIE College will issue Official Receipts to participants)
  8. The course covers well-rounded topics in E-commerce
Image courtesy of DigitalFilipino.com

Image courtesy of DigitalFilipino.com

Below are the Schedules for the Face-to-face session and online Class

Module 1-E-Commerce Business Model Development

June 5 (Face-to-face)  – Makati (Best Western Plus Antel Hotel 9AM-5PM)
July 11 (Face-to-face) – Dagupan (AIE College – 9AM-5PM)
June 12 (Online) – 8:30PM-9:30PM

Module 2 – Supply Chain Management

June 6  (Face-to-face) – Pasig ( Pearl Plaza Building- 9AM-5PM)
August 8 (Face-to-face) – Dagupan (AIE College – 9AM-5PM)
June 8 (Online) – 8:30PM-9:30PM

Module 3 – Payment Systems and Fraud Handling

July 4 (Face-to-face) – Pasig ( Pearl Plaza Building- 9AM-5PM)
September 5 (Face-to-face) – Dagupan (AIE College – 9AM-5PM)
July 6 (Online) – 8:30PM-9:30PM

Module 4 – E-Commerce Marketing and Project Plan

April 25 (Face-to-face) – Makati (Best Western Plus Antel Hotel- 9AM-5PM)
May 2 (Face-toFace) – Cebu (Third Team Media -9AM-5PM)
August 1 (Face-to-face) – Pasig ( Pearl Plaza Building- 9AM-5PM)
October 10 (Face-to-face) – Dagupan (AIE College – 9AM-5PM)
April 22 (Online) – 8:30PM-9:30PM

Module 5 – E-Commerce Security

May 16 (Face-to-face) – Makati (Best Western Plus Antel Hotel- 9AM-5PM)
May 23 (Face-toFace) – Cebu (Third Team Media -9AM-5PM)
May 20 (Online) – 8:30PM-9:30PM

Module 6 – E-Commerce Site Development

June 20 (Face-to-face) – Makati (Best Western Plus Antel Hotel- 9AM-5PM)
June 27 (Face-toFace) – Cebu (Third Team Media -9AM-5PM)
June 24 (Online) – 8:30PM-9:30PM

Module 7 – E-Commerce Policies

July 18 (Face-to-face) – Makati (Best Western Plus Antel Hotel- 9AM-5PM)
July 25 (Face-toFace) – Cebu (Third Team Media -9AM-5PM)
July 22 (Online) – 8:30PM-9:30PM

Module 8 – Industry Exposure / Practicum (6 units)

August 15 (Face-to-face) – Makati (Best Western Plus Antel Hotel- 9AM-5PM)
August 22 (Face-toFace) – Cebu (Third Team Media -9AM-5PM)
August 19 (Online) – 8:30PM-9:30PM

Module 9 – E-Learning Management

September 19 (Face-to-face) – Makati (Best Western Plus Antel Hotel- 9AM-5PM)
September 26 (Face-toFace) – Cebu (Third Team Media -9AM-5PM)
September 23 (Online) – 8:30PM-9:30PM

Module 10 – E-Commerce Improvement and Promotions

October 17 (Face-to-face) – Makati (Best Western Plus Antel Hotel- 9AM-5PM)
October 24 (Face-toFace) – Cebu (Third Team Media -9AM-5PM)
October 21(Online) – 8:30PM-9:30PM

Module 11 – E-Commerce Improvement and Promotions

November 21 (Face-to-face) – Makati (Best Western Plus Antel Hotel- 9AM-5PM)
November 28 (Face-toFace) – Cebu (Third Team Media -9AM-5PM)
November 25 (Online) – 8:30PM-9:30PM


The fee per module is Three Thousand Pesos (P 3,000) except for Module 6 and 8 which is Six Thousand Pesos (P 6,000).  You will be entitled to a big discount if you  pay in cash for the 11 modules as it costs only Thirty Thousand pesos (P 30,000).

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