3 Reasons Why You Should Attend in the Electronic Payment Acceptance and Fraud Prevention Boot camp

Electronic Payment  Acceptance and Fraud Prevention Boot camp

Electronic Payment Acceptance and Fraud Prevention Boot camp

We are now in the Digital Age.

Possessing more than one electronic gadget is now a trend and almost all of these gadgets have access to the internet.

People use the internet to watch online videos, play online games, interact with friends through social media and free chat/call application like Skype, Viber, We-chat and the like, and most importantly internet are used in e-commerce like bank transaction and to buy/sell online.

If we are in a business and also want to engage in online transaction, we may now ask.. How can we do it? What are the process that we need to go through to be able to accept payment online? How can we protect our company from fraud and how can we deal with authorities regarding fraud?

Luckily, these and more will be answered in the 12-series webinar Boot camp.

Electronic Payment Acceptance and Fraud Prevention Boot Camp

3 Reason Why  Attend  the Electronic Payment  Acceptance and Fraud Prevention Boot camp.

  • Convenient – You can attend the webinar at the comfort of your home, at coffee shop or to any convenient place available for you… as long as you have your computer/cell phone and an internet access.
  • Accessibility – all 12 webinar session are recorded and will be uploaded in the digitalfilipino e-commerce boot camp website. You can access the videos anytime, anywhere in the internet.
  • Comprehensive topic – there are 12 sessions that tackles different topics about payment and fraud prevention plus a session about paying taxes.

The topics and schedules for the 12 session webinar are the following:
Lesson 1: Introduction to Electronic Payment Acceptance
Lesson 2: Online Credit Card Payments Lesson 3: Mobile E-Payments
Lesson 4: Non-Credit Card E-Payments
Lesson 5: Virtual Currency E-Payments
Lesson 6: Getting your site ready to accept electronic payments>
Lesson 7: E-Commerce Taxes
Lesson 8: E-Payment Policies
Lesson 9: Consumer Identity Authentication and Verification
Lesson 10: Handling high risk orders
Lesson 11: Work with 3rd party service providers
Lesson 12: Working with Law Enforcement Authorities

Sessions will start on March 2 until May 18, 2015, every Monday, 8:30PM -9:30PM. 

The  fee for this boot camp is P 4,000.

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