Website: A Virtual Staff’s face on the internet, so don’t scare your client with it

ID-100207627We cannot deny the fact that almost everybody wants a pretty face.

This is very obvious because of our likings to beauty pageants, beauty regimens or any products that can make us look good. Some person also will come to the extent of having their body altered for the sake of being beautiful.

This is also the case for a Virtual Staff. People will search our website if they wanted to check us online. That is why our website should also look pretty, because if it is not, then we are scarring away our potential client.

And how can we make it look good ? By building a good website.

Reasons why a Virtual Staff should build his/her own website

  1. A website is your means to have an online presence
  2. You can advertise yourself by putting your list of services
  3. A place where you can do your experiment, to horn your skills and position yourself as an expert
  4. Improve your credibility  because this can also serve as your online portfolio
  5.  Website can help you to have a chance to network to your potential client.


In line with  making a website , I just wanted to share the  December 28, 2013  Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program Free Webinar .The topic for that event was “Blog and Website Creation”.

Genesis Reonico of discussed the concepts and ideas in building a website.

Here are the five things that a virtual staff must ask  client before building a website.

  1. What will be the purpose of your website? What it must achieve?
  2. Who are your website audience and what are they looking for?
  3. What  image or identity do you want the website to convey?
  4. What domain are we going to use and who is our hosting provider?
  5. Who will you be coordinating with and where will you get the site content?

Because of time constraints, Genesis was not able to discuss the details of website creation but he made a recording of the step-by-step process. You can get the recording in the website




The next speaker was Mr . Ron Cirujano, the country of but because the communication line was not good, Ms. Janette Toral of continued the presentation for him.

Ms. Janette Toral talks about  Elance diverse work opportunity.

She discussed that virtual staffs who were doing website creation average hourly rate was ranging from $8-$16 and there wa also a freelancer who made $34K per annum.

And what was the key to

get a job at Elance? Make a great profile (complete your profile, upload the actual product samples and take skills test).

She also walk us through  Elance platform and showed us the job posting for the website creation category , How much was the job offer and  how to check if the client wa already verified.

Unlike the two previous webinars, Ms. Janette did not do any presentation for herself but she made suggestions about website creation.

1. If you do not want to build website from a scratch, you can buy themes for themeforest  and then make further customization to the theme to suit your needs. There are license rules that you have to observe when buying themes. Some will allow you to use themes on multiple website and some will only allow you to use it on a single domain.

2. At the end of the day, client want’s conversion and sales. If each product will be the subject for the campaign,  then you have to make sure that the design of the pages will lead to the purchase when potential client go to the site.


At the end of the webinar, Ms Janette mentioned that Elance have an ongoing Big Idea startup competition where you can submit your ideas on what you’ll accomplish with $2,500 work from online freelancers. To Join the contest>>

Genesis Reonico  shared that there are Free video series available in OJU website for the career  orientation . This  7  video series tackles about the topic “Is having an Online Jobs Career right for You?”. To check the video

Ms. Janette also shared that the Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program will have a new batch starting January 25 next year. In line with this, there will be a pitching contest and the winner will get a scholarship slot for that program.  To join>>


To get the full details of 3rd Webinar, you can check the recording in the Digital Filipino e-learning site. To view>>


The next webinar will be on January 4, 2014 at 9Am. Topic:Website promotion through social bookmarking, site submission and forum posting. To register >>



The Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program Program  is a 14-series free webinar.

To get the full view of the whole event >>




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