VSEP: Webinar Management Tips

Murphy’s Law – Anything that can go wrong will go wrong


Just like the other VSEP webinars,  the  12th Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program started on time, which is 7Pm. It  runs smoothly at first but in the middle of the webinar session,  the host (Ms. Janette Toral)  experienced  problem on her internet connection.  There were times that her voice was garbled and moments that we  cannot hear a thing.

But that did not stopped the webinar. The two speakers, Mr. Genesis Reonico of OnlineJobsUniversity.com and Mr. Ron Cirujano of Elance.com just continued their presentation.

Everything was doing well until  the Murphy’s law enter the scene.

When it was  Ms. Janette Toral’s  turn to do her presentation,  she got  entirely disconnected from the webinar room.

We cannot hear anything from her and the webinar suddenly came into a halt.

It was a good thing that her assistant was  attuned in managing  webinars. He took over and  started to lead the participants into the question and answer portion.

When that event happened, I suddenly remember my experienced during the One Internet Day webinar last November 20, 2013 where I was tasked to record some of the webinar topics.

That was my first time to do that and I was given the instruction  on the day itself . (Although I checked the internet before hand and I know it was not that hard … but hey, it’s my first time , and like any other person I also have some jitters.)

That day (One internet day webinar), my mentor’s Internet was not stable. I suddenly feel stressed because her assistant was not around and all of the speakers were foreigners. (OMG!)

My thought was: what if  my mentor got disconnected during the webinar? What Am I going to do? What am I going to say? When I brought this up to her, she gave me instructions and some canned responses.

Although I was given what I needed, I also prayed hard for her internet connection to stabilize. I felt blessed because God answered my prayer. (God is really Good 🙂 I am saved ha ha ha!)

Now back to the VSEP webinar. 🙂


According to Mr. Genesis Reonico these are the Things to Remember When managing a Webinar:

  1. Know the timeline and the entire webinar event
  2. Setting an Auto responder series
  3. Get a copy of the speaker’s presentation
  4. Be ready to take charge when things goes wrong
  5. Very reliable internet connection at the location of the webinar’s host

With regards to Mr. Ron Cirujano’s presentation. He mentioned that there are no specific category in Elance for this kind of job but you can go to admin support and check the  job postings there.

For the admin support category, the average hourly rate is $9.19 or 414 per hour . Not so many people are offering this kind of service and it can be your edge if you can have this as one of your niche.

(All VSEP webinars was recorded and will be uploaded here )

At the end of the webinar,  Mr. Genesis Reonico said that what happened in the webinar  have it’s own purpose.

The topic was all about webinar management and what arised was a good example of what he had discussed earlier. The audience now have a greater knowledge because they had experienced it themselves.

So if we will sum it up,  What happened was not actually a Murphy’s Law but a Blessing in Disguise.


The next webinar will be on January 25, 2014 at 11Am. This is the last topic and the speakers will discuss about “Looking for Project Opportunities and Getting the Deal”. To register to this event http://bit.ly/nextva
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