Vernel Fabric Softener: My Secret for Having a Fresh, Soft, Clean Scent Clothes

Last Wednesday, I received a text message from my mother that they are in UERM Hospital because my 10-year-old niece was admitted due to dengue.

They came all the way from the Provincial Hospital in Quezon and decided to transfer my niece (Alena) to Manila because they got scared when my niecebalinguynguy” (nosebleed) is flowing heavily. (As in malakas raw talaga at ang sabi ng mga tao sa ospital  is nuon lang daw sila nakakita ng ganun kalakas na balinguyngoy.)

After the laboratory tests, the UERM doctor advised that Alena must be confined in the hospital because her blood platelets were very low.

Alena with dextrose

My niece hand with dextrose:-(

Then came Friday, I received a text from my sister that my brother-in-law is on his way to Manila with the rest of the kids (3 kids)  because their youngest daughter (Ninay) has a fever and is vomiting heavily. (They already visited the provincial hospital before travelling to Manila for first aid to be sure that Ninay will be okay).

Thank goodness that the laboratory test result for Ninay was not dengue, but a viral infection and she will not be confined in the hospital.

I live in a small apartment so we are like sardines when my sister and brother-in-law together with their kids stayed at my home.  :-).

My niece and Nephew always wanted to be with my sister so I am not assigned as their yaya. I am assigned to bring food to the hospital and off course … to take care of the laundry ( which includes the towel and the clothes stained with Alena’s blood and Ninay’s puke.)

I don’t have detergent powder and fabric conditioner at home so I went to the nearest grocery store to replenish my stocks.

In the Grocery

I came across these ladies making a demo of Vernel Fabric Softener. They made a mixture of water and vinegar (the vinegar will simulate the sweat) then submerged a piece of cloth on it. After that, they soak the cloth in normal Vernel Fabric Softener Wash.

Vernel Fabric Conditioner Demo Girls

Vernel Fabric Conditioner Demo Girls

Vernel Anti-Mocrobial System

Vernel Anti-Microbial System Demo

What happened?

After 20-30 seconds, the Anti-Microbial System present in Vernel Fabric Conditioner works and make the clothes soaked in water and vinegar smell clean (“amoy malinis”) :-). The Anti-Microbial System eliminates the odor causing germs to keep clothes smelling clean and fresh throughout the day.

I can’t wait to try it on my laundry so I immediately bought Vernel Fabric Conditioner in sachets. (Although I can save money if I will buy bigger pack, I normally buy sachet  because it is more convenient for me to have a fabric conditioner that just enough for one laundry).

Vernel Antibac in Sachet

Vernel Antibac in Sachet

Vernel Antibac

Vernel Antibac

Laundry time

I soaked the blood stained clothes in detergent with bleach. For the garments with puke, I washed it several times to remove the vomit and then soaked it in detergent separately with the rest of the clothes because it really doesn’t smell nice. (as in, you can smell the sourness of the puke 🙁 ).

On my final rinse, I put Vernel Fabric Softener Antibac to make the clothes fragrant and soft.

Clothes with Vernel Antibac

Clothes with Vernel Antibac

 After Washing

When the clothes dried, I smelled it especially the one with vomit to know if Vernel Antibac is true to its promise to get rid of the odor causing germs to keep clothes smelling clean and fresh.

The clothes really smelled good and fresh… No trace of the sour smell from the puke ha ha! The fragrant also is not that strong which I liked because I normally sneeze whenever I smell a strong fragrant.

Their tagline “Sa Vernel Ang Damit Ay Amoy Malinis” is really true :-).

Note: Just saw this article on how to use Vernel on their website and I want to share the information because there is no instruction on how to use Vernel in the sachet that I bought.


For hand wash, follow these steps:
1) Make sure that the garments have been rinsed thoroughly and that there are no more traces of the detergent used
2) Place 10 Liters of water in the wash basin
3) Pour 35 ml of Vernel Soft Fabric Softener
4) Wash the rinsed garments in the wash basin containing Vernel Soft Fabric softener
5) Wring the garments to let out all the water and fabric softener absorbed
6) hang dry
For machine wash: (24-30 pieces of garments)
1) follow instruction on washing machine
2) After washing with Perwoll Liquid Detergent
3) Pour 70 ml of Vernel Soft Fabric Softener in rinsing cycle of the washing machine
Also got this Vernel Video Online (I really researched about Vernel ha ha!)