Virtual Staff Entreprenuer Webinar


This is my module 2 project for my Certification in the Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurship Program. In this event, my tasks involves Social Media Promotion, Blogging for each webinar and get bloggers to write about the program.

The Virtual Staff Entrepreneirship program is a  14 webinar session training program inspired by club members in their  participation in the Next Wave Cities ICT Roadshow where they realized that  a lot of basic skills are necessary to support or pursue e-commerce and start-up entrepreneurship aspirations.

It’s conducted by Genesis Reonico of Online Jobs University, Ron Cirujano of Elance, and Janette Toral of Digital

Topic# 1  Become a Virtual Staff Entrepreneuer

Topic# 2 Keyword, Blog, Website Research

Topic# 3 Blog and Website Creation

Topic# 4 Website Promotion through social bookmarking, site submission, and forum posting

Topic# 5 Micro Blogging Account Management

Topic# 6 Facebook Page and Group Account Management

Topic# 7 Facebook ang Google Advertising Account management

Topic# 8 Customer Support Help Desk

Topic# 9 Article, Wikipedia, and Press Release Writing

Topic# 10 Presentation Creation

Topic# 11 Audio and video Transcription

Topic# 12 Webinar Management

Topic# E-book Creation

Topic# 14 Looking for Project Opportunities and Getting the Deal


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