Digital Lead Generation and CRM for Real Estate

The Digital Lead Generation and Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Industry is a 12 Series Webinar which aims to help the students from Real Estate Industry in their lead generation.

In this project, I serve as an e-learning coordinator and my duties are as follows:

  • Assisting the students accessing the materials in the website.
  • Sending webinar invitation
  • Recording the webinar
  • Blogging and promoting the webinar in social media


Lesson 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, and Customer Relationship Management

Blog: 3 Important Things I Learned in the Digital Lead Generation and Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Industry Webinar

Lesson 2: Business Model Development

Blog:Digital Lead Generation Webinar: 6 Tips on Business Model Creation

Lesson 3: Customer Profiling

Blog: 4 Reasons Why Business Model is Essential

Lesson 4: E-Commerce Law, Data Privacy Law, Cybercrime Law

Blog: Your Rights Emphasized in the Digital Lead Generation and CRM Webinar

Lesson 5: Advertising Regulations (Real Estate Service Act), Customer Relationship Management for Leads and Customer Management

Blog: CRM Unveiled: 8 Reasons Why Your Business Need It

Lesson 6: Email Marketing as a CRM tool

Blog: How to Add an Email Subscription Form in Facebook Page

Lesson 7: Content Development as a lead generation means

Blog: “Hero’s Journey” Steps in Content Creation

Lesson 8: Landing Page Creation

Blog: 4 Reasons Why Landing Page is Important

Lesson 9: Search Engine Marketing for lead generation

Blog: Tips on How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

Lesson 10: Social Media Marketing for lead generation

Blog: 5 Ways To Generate Leads with Social Media

Lesson 11: Mobile Tools for Leads Management / CRM

Blog: 6 Reasons to Love Your Smart/Android Phone

Lesson 12: Measuring and Tracking Digital Marketing Performance