Tips on How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

search engineIn today’s generation,   almost everyone checks the internet for answers in almost every question and, when searching, people normally click the link that is found in the first page of the search result.

This is the reason why many companies today spend money on advertisement and hire SEO experts to fix the pages of their company website so that they can reach more people and get ahead of their competition.

Last year, there are lots of articles saying that SEO is dead but the truth is that it just underwent changes and we must all adapt to it for changes exists to make things even better.  So if you will hire somebody to do SEO on your website, make sure that he/she has the latest knowledge in SEO to avoid penalty and such.

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(People who are not familiar on how search engine works can check this link and this link)

In the webinar last June 10, 2014 with the topic Search Engine Marketing for lead generation,   Ms. Janette Toral of mentioned the other factors that affect search engine ranking like content, customer satisfaction and new website offers.

  1. Content – it should be relevant to your readers because making a great content will surely attract your visitors to check on your website.
  2. Make your customer satisfied – if your readers are satisfied then they might share your content to others thus making your website visible to a greater number of people. When your customers are not satisfied with what they see, there is a tendency that they will get out of your website and check other URL. On the other hand, if they are satisfied and stayed longer on your website, Google will interpret that your website is relevant and, in exchange, will result to a higher ranking.  “Panda “ gives Google the ability to predict satisfaction
  3. Surprise and delight your visitors so that they will seek out your website again and again – constantly give them something new to offer each time so that they will immediately look on your site instead of other website.


Customer satisfaction is really a great factor that’s why Ms. Janette also shared 5 tips on how to improve Google satisfaction

  1. Google free website satisfaction survey – it is not yet available in the Philippines but you can create your own satisfaction survey using Google drive and the like.
  2. Remove barrier from your site like pop-ups or must view page before they can get the information that they need – It affects the “user satisfaction”. (When I encounter websites like this, I immediately leave because it is time consuming and I can always check information from other websites anyway so why wait.)
  3. Speed it up – to check out your website speed, you can use (time is valuable and website that loads very slow is really frustrating and may automatically makes the user click the close button.)
  4. Empathy –Create a satisfying experience.  We must focus more on what the user needs (have helpdesk to answer questions, improve site look to see it increase conversion, surprise others with great offers.)
  5. Linking out – Give more information by providing links to other sources that can provide additional information.


Other tips given by Ms Janette

  •  Know the user’s behavior and how they search information so that you can set your website according to what the user wants. You must design your site not according to seller perspective but according to customer’s perspective.
  • Do not go for cheap hosting for it is normally shared by many websites. There is a tendency for your website to slowdown if a website that shares hosting with you suddenly increases their activities (traffic) because they can consume lots of bandwidth.  If they do that, your website (and all the remaining websites in the server) will slow down because they are using up the bandwidth that is initially allocated to you. (You can get webhosting that is recommended by WordPress if you are looking for a credible hosting company.)
  • In hiring an SEO expert, make sure that they are ethical in following rules and regulations given by Google so that you website will not be penalized.


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