Tips in Writing an Article, Wikipedia and Press Releases

ID-10098741I have a confession to make…. I am not a writer!

Yes, you read it right. Writing is not part of my talent.

It was hard for me to write because I have a difficulty  putting my thought/idea into words, my grammar is not superb and I do not know how to make “the perfect blog post”.

It took me almost a day before I can make one blog 🙁 …But that was back then. Now, I am also experiencing some difficulty but it was not as hard as before because I can now  do it for only a few hours. (Hey at least I’d improved :-)).

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For those people who also have a difficulty in writing like me, I hope you attended the 8th webinar session of the Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program because the speakers tackled great tips in writing an Article, Wikipedia and Press Releases.

Here are the tips that Mr. Genesis Reonico of gave in the in writing an article:

  1. Make sure it’s grammatically correct and contains no spelling mistakes
  2. Give your article an attractive meaningful title, Include the most important key phrases in the titles and sub-headers
  3. Break it up it to short paragraphs with sub headers
  4. Do not overuse keywords or key phrases. The recommended keyword density is 1-3%
  5. Use the most important keywords and key phrase as early in the article as possible, preferably in the first sentence and at the very least in the first paragraph.

Note: keyword research was discussed already in the VSEP program. You can view the blog here 

Press Releases on the other hand are written by the media normally to attract favorable attention from the public. There are available guide in writing a press release in Wikipedia, so better check it out :-).

Mr. Ron Cirujano, the country manager of  mentioned that writing is one of the key strengths of Filipinos because most of us can understand and can write English better than our neighboring countries. This is because English is our second language.

Freelancers who engage in this type of job in Elance normally have an average rate of $9 per hour.

The key to get a job in Elance is …to have a great profile. (If you listened to all vsep webinars you can always hear Mr Ron Cirujano saying this because of its importance).

Ms. Janette Toral on the other hand discussed about Wiki pages.

These are the reason why Wikipedia are important 


Things to watch for in creating a Wikipedia page:

  • Copyright violations
  • Vandalism
  • Advertising
  • Articles without reliable source
  • Redundant
  • Content not suitable for encyclopedia

Tips if you just starting in wiki pages:

  • Try editing existing article
  • Consider creating the article on your user page first
  • Ensure that your article is worthwhile, Notable and Verifiable


This whole webinar was full of tips and inputs from our speakers so if you failed not attend in this webinar, I suggest that you view the recording for you to be able to have the all the details.


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