Practical Tips to Jump-start your Freelancing Career

Congratulations! We are now through in the 14-series free Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program.(Hoorayyyyy :-)) During the whole webinar series, the speakers taught us basic skills that we can use to jump-start our online careers. There are many job opportunities out Continue reading

VSEP: Webinar Management Tips

Murphy’s Law – Anything that can go wrong will go wrong   Just like the other VSEP webinars,  the  12th Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program started on time, which is 7Pm. It  runs smoothly at first but in the middle of the webinar Continue reading

5 Reasons Why an Audio or Video Should Have a Transcription

5 Reasons  Why  Audio or Video Should have a Transcription For extra SEO –  Content is still King and what do content have?  Text! By putting transcription to your audio or video you have a greater chance of being found Continue reading

4 Tips on How to make an Awesome Presentation

“The main goal of presentation slides is to inform and make that information stick to the mind of those who will see it”  – Genesis Reonico of   Whenever there are events either online or offline we usually see Continue reading

Tips in Writing an Article, Wikipedia and Press Releases

I have a confession to make…. I am not a writer! Yes, you read it right. Writing is not part of my talent. It was hard for me to write because I have a difficulty  putting my thought/idea into words, Continue reading

6 Qualifications that a Customer Support Freelancer should have

Hi everyone, It’s been almost a week since my last blog post and my apologies to those people who are waiting for this blog. Last Jan. 14 , 2014 is the 8th webinar session for the 14-series Free Webinar in Continue reading

4 Things you should remember in making Facebook Advertisement

The 7th topic for the Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program #vsep was Facebook and Google Advertising Account Management. Mr. Genesis Reonico of mentioned during the webinar that  Facebook recently made  changes in it’s algorithm. Links do not generate  much traffic as Continue reading