6 Reasons to Love Your Smart/Android Phone

Gone were the days when mobile phones are only used for calling, sending messages and gaming. I can still remember my first mobile.  A Nokia 5110 model .  It has an antenna, display only 4 lines in the screen, no Continue reading

VSEP: Webinar Management Tips

Murphy’s Law – Anything that can go wrong will go wrong   Just like the other VSEP webinars,  the  12th Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program started on time, which is 7Pm. It  runs smoothly at first but in the middle of the webinar Continue reading

Website: A Virtual Staff’s face on the internet, so don’t scare your client with it

We cannot deny the fact that almost everybody wants a pretty face. This is very obvious because of our likings to beauty pageants, beauty regimens or any products that can make us look good. Some person also will come to Continue reading

Keyword Research:A must to get your Website Found

I have a difficulty in getting out of bed early during weekends because my body clock seems used to the idea of spending more time in bed during Saturdays and Sundays.But since the second Webinar session for The Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Continue reading

Learnings from “How to become a Virtual Staff Entrepreneur” Webinar

I attended the first of the 14-series webinar of The Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program  #vsep last Saturday and I wanted to share with you what I have learned. The webinar is just an introduction for the 14-series so no technical stuff Continue reading

6 Reasons Why I Will Register in the Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program FREE Webinar

The Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program #vse will be launching a FREE 14-part webinar series which will start from December 14, 2013 until January 25, 2014. This program is in collaboration with DigitalFilipino Club members Elance and Online Jobs University  and was inspired by Digitalfilipino participation in Continue reading