6 Reasons to Love Your Smart/Android Phone

Gone were the days when mobile phones are only used for calling, sending messages and gaming. I can still remember my first mobile.  A Nokia 5110 model .  It has an antenna, display only 4 lines in the screen, no Continue reading

CRM Unveiled: 8 Reasons Why Your Business Need It

“Running a business is all about serving your customer” – Janette Toral   Are you tired of calling companies asking them some questions that can answer your problems?  Taking extensive amount of time answering your queries? And worst of all, Continue reading

3 Important Things I Learned in the Digital Lead Generation and Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Industry Webinar

1. Digital Marketing is not as simple as it seems. Why? Because when it comes to digital you have to do the following: – Make a website. If you do not have a website, then at least make a landing Continue reading