Step by Step Guide on How to Register in The Digital Leaders Bootcamp

Step by Step Instruction on How to Register in the Digital Leaders Bootcamp


1.  Go to

Step 1 - Digital Leaders

2. Click Register

Step 2 - Digital leaders

 3.  Fill up the required field

Step 3 - Digital Leaders

Step 3.1- Digital Leaders

4. Click Register

Step 4 - Digital Leaders

You will receive this message “Registration complete! Check your mailbox to activate the account”

5. Go to your email to activate your account

Step 5 - Digital Leaders

6. After you click the activation link, you will be prompted here to encode your profile.

Step 6 - Digital Leaders

 7. Click modules to see all the available lessons. Click the module that you wanted to take

Step 7 - Digital Leaders


8.  Click Take this course.

Step 8 - Digital leaders




You can now access all the materials available. Enjoy your learning!