Practical Tips to Jump-start your Freelancing Career

Congratulations! Freelancing We are now through in the 14-series free Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program.(Hoorayyyyy :-))

During the whole webinar series, the speakers taught us basic skills that we can use to jump-start our online careers.

There are many job opportunities out there if you will check the internet. Finding where to offer our services is not a problem, but getting the job is a different story.

This is the reason why the last topic for the 14-series VSEP webinar was all about “Looking for Project opportunities and getting the deal”. This is to help us (freelancers) by giving us tips that we can use to make sure that we get hired.

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According to Mr. Genesis Reonico of, it is very important for a virtual staff to have confidence in the services we will offer and we should not treat ourselves as employees but an entrepreneur.

Consultation tips and best practices

  1. Request for a voice interview
  2. Be on time and take control of the conversation
  3. Know your clients work by asking them questions
  4. Explain how you work and your terms

According to the survey, Freelancers are much happier than other people because of the following reasons given by Mr. Ron Cirujano of

Reasons Why Freelancers are happier:

  1. You are your own boss
  2. You get to follow your passion
  3. You do not commute going to wok
  4. More choice over projects
  5. No Office Dress Code
  6. Control Over Schedule

To get to know more about this webinar, please check the Digital Filipino e-leaning site because the webinar recordings will be uploaded there.