Now You Can Build A Complete Online Store as Easy as 1-2-3



We are now in the Digital era and internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity.  Because of this, more and more people are now shopping online and businesses have to adapt to the trend to stay relevant to their customers.

If you have a business (or you want to have a business) and you are not yet online, you might want to check out One Supershop by One Network E-commerce.

one supershop

Creating an online store is a very tedious (and costly) job because you have to buy almost everything.. starting from the domain name, hosting, a theme that you would use for your store and customizing that theme to fit your needs. With One Supershop, your effort to build an online store will be no sweat because it is as easy as 1-2-3.

One Supershop seting-up

Features of One Supershop

1. Built-in themes – One Supershop has many  built-in themes that you can choose from. You can preview that theme to see how it looks like on your store and if you are already happy with the look, just click apply and voila, your new theme is now in place.

One Super Shop Themes

One Super Shop Themes

2. Easy and personalized set-up of collections – You can easily set-up your own collection by clicking the “Add New Collection” and also create a sub-collection under it by clicking “Add New Sub-Collection” button. You also have the option to edit it and to choose “Not Activate” if you don’t want it to show on your dashboard.

One supershop: collection set-up

3. Guided form in adding new products– You don’t have to worry that you forgot to put some important details because the system will ask you the product details that you have to input. (You can also add and sell intangible items like services through vouchers).

One Supershop adding product

One supershop - Adding product

4. Logistic – No more sourcing for courier because they already have Onex – their own courier that can pick-up and deliver the product just for you. Onex has a minimum charge of P 65  for Metro Manila and  P 120 for provincial delivery. (Both fees are good up to 1 kilo and have additional fee in every succeeding kilo.) For COD, the minimum fee is P 100 (0-1 kilo). If COD is your payment choice, the money from the customer will be deposited to your Vmoney account the next working day.

Shipping fee

5. Have “Grab” option – No product to sell or just need additional products to put on your collection? No worries, One Supershop has the option for sellers to grab products from other sellers in their network. The original owner will still be the one to process the transaction and the “grabber” will just earn a commission. (Other sellers can also grab from your store and you have the options to pre-approve the grab request or moderate it so that you can check first the details of your grabber to protect your brand).


7 . Other Features

– Loading Business – you can use your phone to sell mobile loads
– The system keeps track of your product and voucher orders and also the canceled transactions.
– Have user guide videos that can help sellers in using the platform.
– Have a detailed Sales Report where you can see the particulars of each transaction.
– Have the option to put your own logo and sliders to establish your brand more.
– One rewards where you can find the list of rewards that you can get coming from your network.



Note: This is their basic product. They also have premium products available for entrepreneurs who wanted to have a more customized store.

If you are interested in building your own online store through one supershop, You can shoot me an email at, send me a chat message through the chat box (please don’t forget to put your email address 🙂 )  or you can visit my store, the Fortunate Online Store, click “Create Your Store” and put the necessary information needed.


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