November Raket / Sideline Madness

November Racket

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Time is ticking fast, its November again and what I love during this time is the Undas (day of the dead) and of course it also means that December is approaching.

During Undas, lots of people go to the province to visit and say a prayer to their loved ones. (You can also take this opportunity to do some Raket :-)).

Raket to do in the cemetery

  • Flowers

What we normally do is to buy flowers from Dangwa Market (You can buy it per dozen or per bundle).  My sister will arrange the flowers and accessorized it with twigs, wild flowers and leaves coming from our backyard and tadahhhh.. We now have a beautiful flower arrangement for sale. Flower prices normally triple during this season, so it is a good opportunity to earn extra bucks.

  •   Candles

You can buy candles from Divisoria to re-sell. Make sure to check price comparison from Quiapo and malls – I had an experience once that my price is so low because I did not check. I lost the opportunity to sell the goods at a more reasonable price.

  • Food and drinks

Filipinos love to eat whenever they are so food is very profitable goods to sell. You can have a stall or you can just roam around carrying your goods so that people don’t have to leave their place just to buy. If you don’t have a capital then it won’t be a problem. You can talk to your local business owner to re-sell their products like water, soft drinks , chitchirya (junk foods) and return to them the sale and the excess goods. It is a win-win situation. You both gain some money.

If you know how to cook, then you can sell street foods like banana cue, camote cue , squid ball, fish ball and kikiam.

  • E-loading/Prepaid cards

Just put a placard or a note that you are selling  cell phone loads and your business are on the go in whenever place you are.

  • Internet Hotspot

People love to interact with friends. Just bring your pocket WI-FI with you and ask fee to people who wanted to connect to your internet

  • Chairs or Mat

You can sell or rent chair or mat to people who wants to sit down to a clean place.

  • Fortune Telling

If you are a psychic, you can bring your crystal ball, tarot cards and other paraphernalia’s and you are business as usual. Some cemetery prohibits cards so you can just result to palm reading if you don’t have a choice.

  • Prayer Request

Bring a prayer book and offer people your service to pray for their loves ones with a cost .

Halloween Parties

  •  If you are into craft why not make a Halloween costumes for Halloween Parties – You can buy some toys and costumes in Divisoria that you can accessorize to make it more real and then re-sell it.
  • Event management – you can organize your neighbor’s party.

During Your Vacation

  • If your hometown has lots of tourist spots, why not offer your service as a tourist guide or you can arrange the whole tour for the group and earn extra cash in return.

Going back to Manila

Vacation is over and you are now ready to return to Manila but your entrepreneurship blood is not yet satisfied. To earn another extra buck, you can check your province to see the goods that you can bring to Manila for re-sell.

  • Fruits and vegetables

Better if you can go to the farm where the fruits and vegetables are harvested to make sure that the price is cheaper and the goods are in high quality.

  • Check your town product

You  can check your place to see what product your town is offering. In Quezon, our product is Lambanog , cookies, cassava chips and Uraro. I normally bring this to Manila for pasalubong and re-sell (I started giving it as pasalubong which also function as free taste. I just inform them whenever I will go to the province so that they can place their order).

During the long trip,  you can also watch out for product that the other town is offering and check if you can also buy some for re-sell.

  • Carpool

If you have a car, you can ask passengers to travel with you with a cost. You can charge the same amount or lesser of what the bus is offering. Your edge? – Your passenger will have a more convenient travel experience.

While Waiting for December

Almost everyone give gifts during December so it is time to buy some samples to show to your possible clients so that you will be their supplier for their December giveaways.


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  • How about you? Do you have other Raket or small Biz that you do during November?



I really haven’t tried selling stuff during Holidays but would sure love to try it.

sherlane says:

You should try it. Its fun specially when you see people actually buying your stuff:-)

Galilee says:

These are great tips! I remember back in the day, my friends and I used to sell halo halo to raise funds!

sherlane says:

Tnx a lot! I also used to sell halo-halo during elementary days LOL.