My Top Picks for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2015

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog 2015.For the past 7 years, Ms Janette Toral of Digital Filipino gave ways for new blogs to be recognized and be part of the Top 10 Emerging Influential blogs. (You can check this link to view the mechanics on how to join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs writing project)

This is great because recognition like this is a validation for bloggers that they are on the right track as they express their thoughts and share their knowledge through blogging.

For 2015, here are My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs Nominees (drum roll please ……)

1) Garbage Pollution and Green Environment

( by Fernando Lachica

Garbage Pollution and Green EnvironmentThe intention of the blog is to let the people know about pollution and to consider it as a major problem for  mankind and mother earth. His blog encourages people to be disciplined enough to to preserve our environment so that the next generation can still enjoy it.

2) Chef Jay’s Kitchen

(  – by Chef JayChef Jay

Chef Jay is not a Chef, He is not a restaurant owner and don’t have a degree in culinary arts. He Choose the name because food is his passion, and he loves cooking. What I like about his site is that aside from normal restaurant and food review that you can read from other food bloggers, he also blog about kitchen tips, recipe and recipe reviews and also have a price watch in where he put updated prices of  regular kitchen ingredients that could help people in planning their meals.

3) Rookie Mom


Rookie MommyHer blog taps young mothers who have unexpected pregnancies, first time moms and long time mothers who are looking for new information on how they can handle  taking care of their new ones. What I liked about her blog is the “Young Mom’s Survival Guide” because it can really help her new mothers in facing the new stage of their lives.

4) NiceThings Philippines

( – by Bernice Bion

Nice ThingsHer site is a journal of things that she wants to celebrate. No rants, only raves. This blog will remind you about the nice things in life.

5) Personal Finance Tips

( – by Billy Ramirez

Personal Finance TipsHis blog is very interesting because he talks about difference kinds of money matter topics like budgeting, saving and how to earn more and about investing. The written articles about finances can really help people in their financial journey.

6) Rachfeed

( – by different authors

rachfeedThe site is a collection of many interesting articles and videos that they gathered from the internet. Just read a few post while viewing their site ha ha.

7) Doctor Eamer’s Blog

( – By Dr Eamer

Dr. EamerAt first, I though that this is a medical blog where the author will blog about illness, health tips and the like. When I checked the site, I was amazed because it tackles about being single and illness of the heart in a funny way. The site also have a chatroom page where members of the PSA (Philippine Single Association) talk with each other.

8) Dugout Philippines

( – by Ivan Stewart Baco Saldajeno

Dugout PhilippinesIf you love sports, then this blog is for you. The site have the latest articles about different kind of sports activities happening  locally and Internationally.

9) My Happy Hub

( – by Yvonne Tan

My Happy HubLike Yvonne, I am also a virtual assistant. I like her site because it features articles that can help people who are working from home.

10) Artful Chapter

( – by Ada

Artful ChapterThere are many new blogs published in the web but most of them are done by adults and with adult as target audience . The author is 11 years old and she blogs about her collection of pictures and OOTD using her point and shoot camera. Through her blog, she showcased her talent in photography  and also serve as an inspiration to her generation.

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