My 7 Key Takeaways from the Basic Photography Workshop for Bloggers


Photo Courtesy of Bloggers ng Pinas

I love taking pictures that oftentimes I envy people who are using DSLR cameras. So last year when my brother asked me what I wanted for Christmas, my face suddenly lit up and shamelessly I asked for a digital camera.

I am so lucky to have a generous brother because he gave me a NikonD3100. Since then, I have taken lots of photos and all of them taken in automatic setting. Why? Because I did not yet know how to set my camera manually ha ha ha. In other words, I did not enjoy the many “surprises” of my new camera as I was not familiar with its features. I read the manual but just couldn’t understand the technicalities. I also tried checking online but learned just a few tricks.

So when Bloggers ng Pinas scheduled a Basic Photography Tips and Tricks for Bloggers workshop last November 8, 2014 at Fully Booked, BGC, I immediately signed up.

I was not very familiar with the venue but it wasn’t hard to find because Tonette, one of the admin of Bloggers ng Pinas gave specific instructions how to get there. (Thanks, Tonette.)

I was soooo excited to attend this event because as a blogger, I put pictures in my blog. This event  really helped me know how to take better pictures using my Nikon camera. I was happy Nikon was one of the event sponsors so I was very sure I could really connect. I also wanted to learn tips and tricks in creative picture-taking using a hi-tech camera.

Basic Photography Workshop

 Without further ado, here are my  takeaways from  the event:

1. Good pictures do not depend on the camera but on the one holding it (A big Ouchhh). It doesn’t matter if you are using a camera phone or a DSLR, what matters is how you take the picture to present your subject.  If you have an eye for photography, you can take a good picture using any camera. (One of the speakers shared to us that he sometimes joined photo contests using  photos taken from his camera phone and won.)

2. Photography is like a window to another world. It captures the story that a photographer wants to share and it definitely adds substance to the blog. Upload only good quality photos and those related to your blog. (rejected and blurred photos are a big no no).  If you are going to use photos taken by other persons, then be sure to get their permission and cite credit for them in your blog.


Azrael Cordilla showing the audience what's inside his bag when attending events

Azrael Cordilla showing the audience what’s inside his bag when attending events

3. Prepare before attending an event. Make sure that your camera is fully charged, with memory card and all your other gears ready. During the event, take photos of the subject that is important and make sure that you practice zero photo delete and blur (meaning always make sure that your photo is of good quality so that you can save space in your memory card) and always follow the house rules set by the organizers regarding picture taking to avoid complications.

4. Protect your photos using watermarks. Pictures are precious and by putting watermarks, you are declaring your ownership of the photos. This is important because if ever your photos are copied and downloaded in other websites, readers can trace where the photos came from because of the watermark. You can use Photoscape, Canva  and Phonto (for IOS android app) in putting watermarks.

5. There are ways to earn from your photos. You can upload them in,, and to other photo sharing sites. Post your best photos in any of these sites with watermarks and low resolution. If and when anyone “liked” any of your photos, he/she can contact you and buy them.

6. Other stuff that I learned regarding photography

  •  Point of focus  – this refers to the amount of image that is sharp (your subject is clear and everything else is blurred).  Check the red light while peeking the viewfinder  eyepiece. The focus is where the red light  is (Sorry if this seems very basic to you but this is Eureka for me because as I have written earlier, I am a novice and I do not know how to use my modern  camera ha ha ha)
  •  Rule-of-thirds –  no need to put your entire subject on the center. You can use this composition to make your photos more interesting.
  • View point: Bird’s eye view – you are on top of your subject; Normal – the subject is in the level of your view; Eye view point – you are below the subject.
  • Framing – using other objects to put a frame on the subject. The purpose for this is to draw attention to your subject.

7. Lastly, always find ways to upgrade your skills. There are many resources in the internet especially in YouTube that you can study and apply. You can also check photography websites, and read photography magazines. Consulting with your fellow bloggers or photographer friends is also a great way to check and update your skill and creativity.


Pinoy Bloggers Admin and Basic Photography Workshop for Bloggers Speakers

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