Learnings from “How to become a Virtual Staff Entrepreneur” Webinar

comicsI attended the first of the 14-series webinar of The Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program  #vsep last Saturday and I wanted to share with you what I have learned.

The webinar is just an introduction for the 14-series so no technical stuff discussed yet.What the speakers did was to share their stories and their personal experience regarding the topic.

The first Speaker was Genesis Reonico, the site owner of OnlineJobslifeStyle.com and OnlineJobsUniversity.com.

He talked about  the topic “Is having an Online Job Right for You”.

I have know Genesis for quite some time  but this is the first time that I have heard about his not so fortunate experience with his client due to a mistake that he have done. (His client asked him to pay for the opportunity loss and the client deducted the amount from his pay slip). This happened because he never undergone mentoring. Mentors are hard to find at that time and online jobs was just starting to bloom in the Philippines. Freelancers normally get teachings from foreigners who teaches ways that are feasible  to their own country.

Because of that experience, Genesis decided to help those who are just starting on their online career. He started with a blog in onlinejoblifestyle.com until many people are already inquiring about online jobs and that is when the OnlineJobUniversity.com was born.

To help those who are just on their start-up, he teaches and mentor his students at the best of his ability. And to help others he  also uploaded  the recorded version of OnlineJobUniversity.com orientation webinar in  www.OnlineJobsUniversity.com/orientation/.(Check this link guys, it’s full of information)

Learnings I get from Genesis:

  • Treat your career as business , erase the mindset that you are still an employee
  • Communication is very important , you and your client should understand each other


The next speaker was  Ron Cirujano , country manager of Elance.

For the audience to get to know Elance better, he presented some fact about the company.

  • Annual job posting = 1,200,000+
  • Active Employers = 800.000+
  • Countries Represented in Elance = 170+

Here are the things that Ron Curujano of Elance also discussed:

Advantages of working online:

  • No need to commute
  • You are your own boss
  • You can work whenever you are, you just need a computer and an internet

How to post jobs in Elance:

  • Register to their free account
  • Set-up contractors profile (Make sure to complete the needed data like picture, portfolio , Resume/CV)
  • Take skill tests and do not worry if you fail because you can delete the test and retake after 14 days. (This is important because this the next thing that a would be employee would check specially if the contractor do not have any job history)
  • Bid for the job. (Elance have an hourly Job and Fix rate Job) Before bidding, always make sure to read the qualifications to know if you are qualified before you apply


The last but not the least speaker was Janette Toral of Digitalfilipino.com.

She also started as a VA but unlike Genesis, she don’t have bad experience with any client because she had the right positioning  from the very start. She even came to appoint that she was the one giving the terms and conditions but she also experienced some challenges like time management, writers block and distraction. She was a soloist at that time so she made great efforts in reaching out to others. Thinking short term was also her dilemma. We all have to think long term in what ever project or job we are doing.


  • Skills are relevant  (That is why she designed a program in digitalfilipino.com to teach skills http://digitalfilipino.com/bsm/ )
  • Become an Influencer  – Build Community, traffic and campaign
  • Quality requires consistency & consistency must be shown in your portfolio
  • Client normally choose contractor based on who they are
  • What you “project” is what you attract!
  • Partnership is a key to long term growth (You cannot do everything on your own. Focus on building a community)
  • Humility
  • Giving Free Content is a must
  • Build a client / supplier base

Her tips to VAs:

  1. If you wanted to become a VA you should have other source of income because some of the works  are not consistent
  2. Create a laboratory experiment – Make a free blog where you can do your experiment
  3. VA is an on-going process – It requires patience and determination
  4. Replicated the project that you did for your client so that you won’t be put in the situation where you can discuss your client during the interview (ask permission to client if you wanted to use the job done in your portfolio or ask them for a testimonial)

The Q&A Portion was very interactive and here are some of the questions that the audience asked

Q: Is earning in Elance Taxable?

A:  (Ron Curujano )Elance do not deduct taxes, you should be the one to pay in the BIR

Q: How to get a client?

A:  (Ron Curujano ) Your profile or CV must represent a more trustworthy identity

Q: What makes Elance different from other job bidding sites

A: Elance was different  from others because of the following:

  •  In Elance $3 is the lowest, unlike other job bidding sites where the Bid can go as low as $0.50  (in elance, contractors are competing against US freelancer, In other job bidding sites – against Asian freelancers)
  • In getting money, no need to have a paypal account. You can withdraw the money directly from your bank (in Peso). You can also set milestone (schedule on when your client should pay you)
  • You can apply for as many as 40 jobs a month

Hey, just in case you did not catch up this webinar then don’t be disheartened. You can view the recording here  (You have to register first, don’t worry it’s still free :-))

You can also register for the remaining webinar. Check this to see the remaining  webinar schedules.


The next webinar would be on December 21, 2013

To join  >>  https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/551504814