Keyword Research:A must to get your Website Found


I have a difficulty in getting out of bed early during weekends because my body clock seems used to the idea of spending more time in bed during Saturdays and Sundays.But since the second Webinar session for The Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program #vsep was held last December 21, Saturday at 9AM , I have no choice but to wake up early.

When the webinar started, Ms. Janettte Toral of Digital Filipino said that we had a good number of attendees so it was a big relief on my part because I was hesitant  if many people would attend (my negativity again was tickling on my brain)because maybe they also experiencing my week-end difficulty.

The Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program second Webinar topic was Keyword, Blog and Website Research (Told you, this would be the start for the technical stuff).The first speaker was Genesis Reonico of Online Jobs University and he explained that  doing keyword research helps businesses in identifying the search terms that their target customers are using and will bring them sales.

Notes on Genesis’ talk:Six Central Pillars of Doing Keyword Research

  1. Brainstorm for your keyword list
  2. The use of Keyword Research Tools (Google AdWord, Keyword Planner, WordTracker)
  3. Using Keyword Suggestions to Refine your list
  4. Identify and Select Keywords related to your goals
  5. How many people searched for it
  6. Competitive Analysis

As you can see, Keyword research is a tedious work and needed patience to accomplish but this is a must because by using these 6  pillars in Keywords research and by applying those keywords to your company  Blog,  the chances of your website being found by your potential customer increases.

It was a good thing that Genesis used bibingka as an example to explain the six pillars because it made the topic sound less technical and by using plain words, the audience can understand the subject better.

Genesis’ Parting words:

  • It Doesn’t mean that if big brand names are on the top of the searched results, it means they can’t be beaten
  •   The skill and knowledge of doing keyword research is very valuable that it can make or break your client’s business, especially if the rely heavily on search traffic

The topic was so broad and cannot be discussed in one webinar, and to know more about the topic,  Genesis advised his audience to join many support groups & forums online and on facebook.

Online jobs University also have it’s own support group, to join


The second speaker was Mr. Ron Cirujano, the Country Manager of Elance.

He showed to the participants Elance’s platform and presented the diverse work opportunities waiting for freelancers or virtual staffs who wanted to find work at Elance.He mentioned again that the normal average virtual staff per hour compensation in Elance is from $6 – $12. And they have an individual freelancer who made a total earning of $24K per year and a company who made a total of $328K per year. (Hmmmmm I suddenly feel the flush of excitement on my blood 🙂 )

For new Elance freelancers these are tips that Mr.  Ron Cirujano gave:

1. Complete you profile

  • Add your portfolio
  • Be verified (you must submit your credentials to prove your identity)


2. Improve your profiles (click the how to improve drop down menu)

  • Take skill test
  • Join groups
  • Click the “view profile tips” to view the blog on how to create a great Elance profile


Other Tips:

  • Do not bid to jobs if the client is not yet verified
  • Do not bid to jobs if the client undermine the personality of freelancers in the feedback because chances are they might also give you the same feedback
  • On your proposal – introduce what you do and what you are good at
  • Upload in your portfolio your past projects
  • Add keywords (This is what your potentialclient will type if they are going to search for a contractor so better make sure to put the right keywords to get a better chance of being found and hired)

The last speaker was Ms. Janette Toral of Digital Filipino and she shared her tips to VAs

She said that for a VA to be set apart from others, you should be detail-oriented. You should make an effort to find the necessary information that was instructed to research and also get other information that you think your boss would also need.

Tips on research:

  • Look in Google
  • Search in directory or review sites
  • To check popularity – look for their twitter profiles and analyze the kind of follower they have
  • Make own ranking parameters
  • Check social media engagement (see if genuine or if they are just buying links, how they discuss with audience)

Tools used to see ranking:

  • Socialbakers
  • Alexa

Parting words: Research is time consuming because you have to analyze a lot but it is a lucrative business.



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