How to know if what Raket or Sideline is for You


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I am a certified Raketera because I learned to do sidelines even during elementary days.

At that time my raket was fried peanuts, ice candy and fruits which I picked from the tree located in our backyard. 🙂

As I get older, my sidelines change. I became an Avon dealer and later on learned how to buy and sell clothes.

But even to a Raketera like me, there will come a time that you seems not to know (or confused because there are lots of available choices to make) what your next Raket would be.

In this blog post I enumerated some ways that helped me in choosing the right Raket or Sideline.

  • Look at your present situation and check what you have right now. Get a piece of paper and jot down all your skills, talent and available equipment that you can use. –  When I was still young, I have limited resources so my Raket involves only cheap items. I  know a little about cooking so I am the one frying the peanuts , putting it in the small plastic bag and then seal the edges using lighted candle. (We do not have a plastic sealer like the one in National Bookstore).


  • What is your passion? Determine the craft or work that you love to do and will still do even if you will not get paid – One of my passions is gardening. What I do when I was still in the province is to plant vegetables in our backyard during school break. I sell some of my excess produce if there are available customers and if there are none (which is more often than not) I just give it for free to our neighbors so that it will not be spoiled. (I remember one time when one of my neighbors told my mom that she is lucky to have a daughter because our garden is beautiful and the orchids have lots of flowers :-0, but as you can see, planting flowering plants is not my passion. I plant vegetables and do you know who planted those orchids?… My brother :-). .
  •  What skills are you good at? If you are good in accounting why not offer your service to a company as a freelance accountant. If you type fast, then find a typing job. If you love to organize an event then why not become an event organizer? If you are a computer savvy then why not apply online and be an online service provider.  Do a research to check on what is in demand and also to check for ideas where you can offer you goods or services. – I have an entrepreneurial skill even during my childhood so what I really did was to sell goods.


  •  How much time do you have? Yes, time. It is very important because some Raket or Part time job requires several hours of work. You should choose a Raket or sideline that you can commit with in order for you to succeed. –  When I was still new in my office job, I can still sell Avon products. But as I grow with the company, the time I spent at work also increases. My sidelines decreases and it came to a point that some of my orders were cancelled and got a late payment charge because I cannot go to Avon anymore.


  • Find a mentor . After choosing and starting the Raket or sideline that you wanted, it is also good if you can find a mentor. A person that know the in and out of the business because he or she can help you a lot to achieve and lessen the mistakes that normal beginners do. – As for me, my first mentor is my Mom because she is the one who taught me and  gave me money for my sideline or business.


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  • Do you also have a business or sideline?
  • What factors made you decide on choosing the Raket or sideline that you are doing right now?