How the Chink+ Money Kit Helps in Budgeting My Finances

Chinkee Tan Money Kit VideoBudgeting is not new to me because I have attended different seminars that tackles about money management before. Until today, I have an excel file in which I put my daily expenses to keep track where my money goes.

One of the things I also learned and did  to budget my finances at that time was the  6 jar system in which I put a percentage of my monthly salary in the jar with the goal to save, invest and have money to buy things to reward myself which is called “abundant spending” jar.

All my 6 jars are labeled indicating how many percentage of my income I will put in each jar. I  don’t list down how much money I put in the jar every month because I want to surprise myself of the amount of money I can save.

But because the money is just in the jar, i sometimes can’t resist the temptation of getting some money when I have to buy something specially if my finances is not enough.

That was before… I stopped using the money Jar because I find it too tedious  to compute the percentage of my income 6 times monthly.

Last March, I was introduced again to another budgeting system- The Do-It-Yourself Money Kit by Chinkee Tan.

(Check my blog post here to see what is inside the money kit)

What is unique about the Money Kit is that, it comes with instruction video where I can see Chinkee Tan talking about how to use the money kit, there is also a print version.. the Chink+ Money Kit Manual.

Money Kit

Chink+ Do-It-Yourself Money Kit

So How the Money Kit Helps me in budgeting?

Divide VS Wants1. The “Divide Need vs Wants”  makes me understand that some of the things that I think I need is actually a “want”. Like a new pair of shoes..if i have not filled up the form earlier, I would have purchased the shoes I want because I thought I need it. But after some reflections, I came to realize that I don’t need a new pair of shoes because the one I have is still working perfectly.


Chink + Positive Buying envelope2. The “Chink+ Positive Buying Envelope” teaches me about self control. The rule in using the envelope is that I have to have the necessary money first before purchasing any item by putting the details of the thing that I want to purchase. This is new to me because I have a credit card, If I think I needed something, I just go to the mall and buy it using my credit card with the notion in mind that it is okay because I can pay my purchase in instalment basis.

Chink+ Investment envelope3. The “Chink+ Investment envelope” helps me think about my future. Investment is not on my priority right now but after reading the manual which says “Ask yourself,  what are the right things that I will need ten,  thirty, or fifty years from now?” I realized that by the  time I reached that age, there is a hight probability that I can’t work anymore. I need to start investing now to grow my money so that I will not be a burden to anyone when my old days come.

Chink + Savings Envelope4. The “Chink + Savings envelope” helps me to save to achieve  a goal. How? By listing the goals that I have to accomplish to gain financial freedom like Emergency Fund, Health Fund, Education Fund , etc. I Can see my goal clearly and the percentage of income I should save to attain my goal.


The Money Kit also comes with a Budget Planner in Excel File. When I put my earning and my expenses, it turns red.. meaning I have to check my budget to see where else I can revise so that my expenses will not be more that what I earned.

Chink + Budget Planner

Chink + Budget Planner

How about you? What methods are you using to attain you financial goal?

Wondering where to order the Money Kit and How Much?

You can order the Money Kit online for only P 2,500 with FREE Shipping cost within the Philippines. When you order it now, you can have Chinkee Tan’s other books which cost 300-400 per book for FREE. Yes… free, gratis , liberum, libre! 🙂 that means you got total savings of almost P 2,000 from the  books alone. :-).

Wait there is more…

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Chink + Tshirts

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