“Hero’s Journey” Steps in Content Creation

Content Creation

Blogging is the new form of journalism and blogs often play a big role in the way consumers react to the product being sold in the market.

Have you experienced checking the internet first before purchasing the things that you wanted to buy? Searching the web to check the movies you desire to view?  Or searching for blogs about the place that you like to visit because you want to see their reviews first?

If you are doing that, then welcome to the club.  We belong to that group of people who are always checking almost everything first with Mr. Google for a guide to know if we will make the right decision or not.

Company nowadays are taking advantage of this trend by having blogs in their website but more often than not, they also experience a problem in generating the content that they can put in their website.

To help the digital lead generation students with this problem, Ms. Janette Toral of Digitalfilipino.com included in the webinar module the topic “Content Creation”.

According to Ms. Janette, 57% of a purchase decision is made even before the buyer talks to the company.

Among the tips that she discussed in content creation, what struck  me most was about the “Hero’s Journey”.Hero's Journey

According to Ms Janette, “Hero’s Journey”can also be applied when looking for a customer especially if we are trying to develop a story in terms of reaching out to your customer.

The challenge here is the need for you to go through with your prospect from start to finish so that they can come to an end in their ‘Hero’s Journey”.

Content creation also has its hero’s journey… which is the leads. The only challenge here is that the leads should inquire first because unless he/she make the query, you won’t know that that person exists. From the time of seeing up to the point of inquiring, that person also goes through his own hero’s journey

The 8 steps in the Hero’s Journey

  1. The reader is in a zone of comfort
  2. But they want something
  3.  They enter an unfamiliar situation
  4. They  adopt it
  5. They get what they want
  6. Pay a heavy price for it
  7. They return to their familiar situation
  8. Having changed

As for me, I can say that I am also gone through on my very own hero’s journey

#1.  Last year, I was a regular office employee. I was very comfortable with my work, with my salary and with my officemates.

#2. Then I realized that I wanted something.   I wanted to become a freelancer, to just work from home. What triggered me are the blogs that I have read that freelancing is good and seeing my friends happily working online.

#3 . When I resigned from my job, I entered an unfamiliar situation. I am now just at home, no more commuting to work, Then I also need to study again because this is a 180 degrees turn in my career. I enrolled in a course for Virtual Assistant to learn skills.

#4  & #5.  I adapt to my new situation and get what I want. I also enrolled in Ms. Janette Toral’s Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program to learn about blogging and other skills.

#6 Pay a heavy price for  the Module fee, the time and I have to dedicate in my study  and the personal challenge I have to face because I thought I am an extrovert but I feel the difficulty in reaching out to people online during blog and event promotion,.

#7 & 8 . After going through the series of modules in the CBSME program, I now return to the familiar situation because I am now attuned with what I am now doing. I am now working; the only difference is that I do it at home.

How about you? What is your hero’s journey?


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