CRM Unveiled: 8 Reasons Why Your Business Need It

“Running a business is all about serving your customer” – Janette Toral


Customer Relationship Management

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Are you tired of calling companies asking them some questions that can answer your problems?  Taking extensive amount of time answering your queries? And worst of all, can’t give you information that you need?

Worry no more ‘coz these lessons got your back.

If you have a business, customer is priority number one. Never make them wait and never make them frustrate. But how would you do that?

Fret no more, your problems solved. CRM has come to save you.

So what is CRM by the way?

According to Wikipedia – Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

As you can see, CRM is almost anything that we do into the business that is why it is so important.

Here are 8 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Good CRM:

  1. The CRM can store the information about your present, past and future client. This is where you can put your customer’s data so that it can easily be retrieved when needed.
  2. The CRM contains the historical data of your customer allowing you to have a better understanding of your client. The data will be the basis of analysis to know what kind of consumer you have.
  3. The CRM can segment your customer according to its classification. Segmenting can also help in your email marketing to avoid spamming leads by sending only to the list that fit into your email categorization.
  4. The CRM has  the customer complete data  stored in one  data base that makes it is easier for a company to assign the client to someone in the group especially if the consumer have some issues.
  5.  The CRM has the provision for you to import your leads and save the information into the CRM data base.
  6. The CRM is time and cost effective because it can reduce the paper and manual work done in handling the customer’s data.
  7. The CRM can supply the information for you to manage the customer well by providing them the services that they actually need.
  8. The CRM makes your list protected because unlike paper and notes that can easily be accessed by anyone, all data in the CRM is stored in a secured system and you have the necessary provision on who can access your data base.

By the way, CRM was the topic in the 5th lesson in the Digital Lead Generation and Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Industry webinar that I have attended last May 13, 2014.

According to Ms. Janette Toral of there are various ways you can do CRM:

  • Managing queries through forms / database spreadsheet
  • Email Communication
  • Helpdesk Assistance
  • Answering People through Social Media


There are many CRM apps available in the internet and some of them are free but as per Ms. Janette, you have to avoid free software because you are storing valuable information of your customers. The moment you put that data in the free system, it is like you don’t have the full control of information.  When something bad happens in the system, you cannot sue the apps company because basically you are using a free system application.

If you do not want to use the free CRM apps and are in a budget then why not create your own CRM?  The basic CRM that you could do is to create a worksheet to manage your data.

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