September 30, 2015

What to Choose: Condo or House and Lot?

Condo or House and lotOne of the things I enjoyed being a lead generator for Driven Marketing Group is that I was able to visit different kinds of houses and condominium units. From low-end house and lot from Laguna Area to the High-end condo units in Manila.

There are also times that I was asked.. Which is better? Condo or house and lot… well, it depends because people have their own preferences and it really varies.

So if you are making a choice between buying a condo or a house and lot, you might check these simple tips:

Factors that prospective homebuyers have to consider:

Location  and style of living – There are lots of condo units being built in the metro area and most of them already have their own facilities. Condo units are good for people who wants to be near to the things that they need. This is recommended specially to executives who are busy and wants to be living in a convenient place where they can have less travel time.

Maintenance costs. – If you are living in a house and lot, you will handle the cost for all the repair happening in your house. Whereas, if you are living in a condo unit, you unit is your only obligation. The condo management have their own maintenance personnel that will handle the repair outside your unit.

Rules of ownership – You will have your own title if you will be living in a house and lot, whereas, in a condo unit, the condo itself is your only property. Everything else outside of your unit is a common place for everyone.

Lending and price.- Most developers offers different kind of payment scheme. Normally, the longer that payment period, the larger the interest.

Monthly fees. – Check how much budget you can allot each month for the amortization so that you can get a house that is okay with your budget.

Kelsey Hills 1

If you are looking for a property to buy, you might want to check out the properties I have visited in Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Manila, Muntinlupa andQuezon City. Or choose if you want to house and lot or a condo unit.

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