September 30, 2015

Advantages of a Condo Concepts

Condo or House and lotAlmost every year, more and more people are flocking to the Metro either to study or to look for a  greener pasture. As evidence of this people migration, we can see that lots of condo units are being built by developers to cater the needs to these people.

There are many advantages why condo is a great investment and here are the few.


  1. Enhances affordability by fractionalizing cost of land and building – let’s face it, land is a priced commodity in the metro area, so by buying a condo unit, you have other people to share the cost.
  2. Facilities, Utilities, amenities, and services will cost less to build and maintain – You don’t have to buy your own gym equipment or build your own pool because most condos already have them in their list of amenities offered to resident, they just normally charge a little cost to maintain theses facilities (which is much cheaper if you will maintain it on your own).
  3. Economy in land space. Families holding title contiguous lands of say 40 or 50  square meters may obtain adequate housing by consolidating their lots and constructing a condominium projects.
  4. Enhances marketability because foreign can buy – Most foreigners coming to our country have the money to spend on housing. They can’t buy a house and lot but they can buy a condominium unit and put it under their names.
  5. Multiplies saleable or rentable floor areas by as may story’s put up – A house and lot liveable areas normally depends on the number of square meter the area has. Condo units are build with many floors which means the number of liveable are will be multiplied by the number of floors the condo has.
  6. Eliminate the routinely chores of daily maintenance security, and garbage collection associated with single detached dwellings – these is where the additional monthly charge for maintenance that condo units give. No more worrying about the security of your place, garbage collection and maintenance of other areas outside your own condo unit.



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