September 26, 2015

What Buyers Should Know Before Buying a Condo Unit

Buying a Condo Unit

In life where almost anything is possible, getting what we want may only be a few efforts away of hard work. It’s not necessarily easy, but there is a strong possibility about it and those who do, get it.

In matters of owning your own personal space in a style of being classy yet simple enough to live in, many are attracted to condominium units and has been a trend that is on the rise since the booming of its kind of business. Others who just wanted something that will just make them profit over time also choose condo units to be rented in even as they still pay for it, basically an investment property.

However, choosing your own space is not as simple as looking it at the external perspective. You ought to know, too, the factors and considerations needed when buying a condominium unit lest you experience troubles along the way in doing business.

Saving you the hassles and troubles of buying your own condominium unit, there fare things you ought to consider.

What Buyers Should Know Before Buying a Condo Unit

  • Location

Grand Riviera Suites LocationCommon locations for condominiums are often found in a highly urbanized setting and are rightly so. Depending on your reason for owning a condominium, it is worth noting about the location and the environment itself. Real estate properties such as the Grand Riviera Suites and Golden Empire Tower are a good consideration when buying a condominium – it is strategically situated in a location where most important establishments are accessible within just a few walks away such as the hospital of the Manila Doctors, the parks, the museum, the UP Manila campus, as well as the shopping area of the Robinson’s Place. A perfect setting to get where you needed at any time.

  • Governing Laws

lawUnlike the US, the Philippine government is quite strict when it comes to the owning of properties, especially if you are foreign to the land. But the law has gotten more lenient thanks to the Republic Act No. 4726, the Philippine Condominium Act, which enables foreigners to purchase a condominium unit anywhere in the country provided they do not own the land to which it was built. This is worthy of reckoning if you are a foreigner intending to own your own real estate property in the country.


  • Payment Options

payment optionGiven the stiff competition nowadays in the real estate business, more and more developers are now adopting a more flexible means of payment for its customers. This means finding your most viable option about paying for the space you will own, including issues of the interest, initial deposit, and association dues.


  • Reservation Requirements

Document RequirementThere are requirements that must be presented in order for a legitimate transaction be made with your purchasing of a condominium unit whose requires themselves may vary from developer to developer and whether you are buying as an individual, as a corporation, or as a foreigner.



  • Moldex RealtyKnow the Developer

Make a research about the developer you’re buying a real estate from. If it has a proven track record in real estate business, you know you’re buying from the right people.

Trusted real estate developer, Moldex Realty has been a pioneering force in the development of quality homes and flourishing communities since its beginnings in June 1987. The company resulted from the diversification of the Uy Family from manufacturing of various types of plastic pipes and fittings into real estate development.  Carrying the same brand of excellence of Moldex Group of Companies, Moldex Realty’s accomplishments are evident in its diverse portfolio of projects — all founded on hard work, integrity, and dedication.


Moldex Realty has established a strong presence and has made a name in the Philippine real estate arena through quality residential subdivisions and condominiums strategically located in key cities in Metro Manila, within the outskirts of the metro, and nearby established & emerging suburban areas.

  • Rules and Regulations

Rules and RegulationsYou may be owning your own space in the building, but every tenant is bound under rules and regulations that keep everything in order and harmonious for everyone. Like if you have a pet you have a concern of keeping, better clarify about the owning of pets to the developer first.



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