Advantages of Having a Raket or Sideline

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Whenever my friends and former officemates see me the first thing that they would ask is “Uy, Ano Raket mo ngayon?” (Hey, what is your Sideline now?)

That is what they normally label me, a Raketera (person who do lots of sidelines or business)

During my younger days when life was hard, I normally join my mom  with her Raket moments. As I grow older, I managed to have a Raket of my own

Since elementary days I do lots of Sidelines from selling ice candy, packed sweets and other small stuff that I find marketable. Even the fruits of the trees in our backyard were not spared :-). (I bring the harvested fruits to my school and sell it to my classmates.)

Having a sideline jobs or sideline business have lots of advantage:

For students:

  • It helps you to develop a time management skill – Studying alone is difficult, how much more if you have a part time job or just a small Raket at the same time.
  • It helps you to be more financially mature and independent – You learn the value of money at an early age and by that you will become a good financial steward.
  • It can improve your people skills – You learn how to associate to people with different walks of life.
  • It can develop your skills in selling or craft –  What ever sideline jobs you are doing- be it selling, craft making or working to a store or fast-food chain, developing your skill early in life will give you a great advantage in the future.
  • It helps you to grow your experience.  Working part time can give you an insight to the company or the craft/hobby you are working on. It can help you later in choosing the right career path.
  • It can help you to have a larger social network. Let’s face it, social network also makes an essential part of our life. It will sometimes be the one who will give you the first stone to step on to your desired career.

For working people:

  • Moonlighting can expand your network and can also open opportunities for greener pasture.
  • It can help you not to have a work burn out – Let’s accept it, some jobs require you to do the same task over and over again and sometimes you wanted to do something new. A craft that you love can help you with this. It can erase your boredom and at the same time enjoy doing the hobby that you have while earning a few bucks.
  • It helps you to become more financially stable. If your income is not enough for your everyday expenses, quitting your day job to look for a better paying job is sometimes not the solution specially if you love what you are doing and the people in the organization. You can have a Raket on your side or a second job to help you with your finances.
  • You can learn additional skills and if something happened to the company you are working with, you will not be afraid because you know that you have a fallback.

For Unemployed:

  • While waiting to land to your dream job, having a racket will be a great advantage because your Raket can help you to get through with your finances.
  • You will have something to do in your free time – acquiring skills and earning at the same time.

There are really many advantages of having a Raket or Sideline jobs. And hey, there are some people who started with just a Raket but when they find it profitable, they resigned from their day Job and made their Raket their full pledge business.


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  • Do you have a sideline or Raket?  How does it helps you?
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Nice information. Good for all kinds of people who want to have an extra income.:-)