About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I’m Sherlane Fortunado. This site is my class project when I studied Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program offered by Ateneo E-Learning Edge and Digital Filipino.

The first articles in this blog tackle about the different “Raket” that my readers can do. (Raket” is an informal Filipino word meaning sideline.) Rakethub is a source of entrepreneurial and online work tips and tricks.

I fell in love with blogging that is why I continued this blog even though I already had my certification. I now share in this blog the topics that I love and the lessons I learned from the different events that I have attended with the intention to impart what I gained.

Aside from being a blogger, I am also a Virtual Assistant and an E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Specialist and taking up Certified E-Commerce Specialist, E-Commerce Entrepreneur, and E-Commerce Professional Program to enhance my skills and knowledge.

You can check my whole profile here http://sherlanefortunado.strikingly.com/.