6 Reasons to Love Your Smart/Android Phone

MobileGone were the days when mobile phones are only used for calling, sending messages and gaming.

I can still remember my first mobile.  A Nokia 5110 model .  It has an antenna, display only 4 lines in the screen, no camera, only has 3 games (memory, snake, logic), the phone book is in the SIM only and you can store up to 25 messages (I think, or is it the Nokia 8210? Hmmm.).


There are only 3 purpose of my phone then.

  1. Call
  2. Text
  3. Play

Going back to the present age, mobile phones are very different now. They are lightweight and can function almost anything than what a regular computer can do because you can install apps on it.

But still there are some people who are using their phone not to its fullest by not installing the right application that they need to help them in their everyday life.

For those people who are not maximizing their android/smart phone potentials, here are some of the reasons to love and use it to the fullest:alling the right application that they need to help them in their everyday life.

  1. Get more social – By having Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare etc on your phone, you can connect with your friends as long as there is an internet around. There are many Wi-Fi free zones now so internet connection is not a big issue anymore.
  2. Make yourself organize – You can put your files in Dropbox and Google Drive while using your computer and then install the apps version into your phone and you can now access your file using your mobile.
  3. Access email – No more worrying if you forgot to send or check your email because you can also use your phone to do that.
  4. E Books – You can install kindle in your mobile so that you can read your eBooks on your Smartphone/ Android phone whenever you have time. The eBooks are saved on your phone so there is no need for an internet to view it.
  5. Games – Download and play your favorite games. There are also games that you can share your game level with your friends or ask them for free life or gift which makes gaming more exiting.
  6. Save time – You can do what you have to do online using your android/smart phone while travelling. Just be careful and be aware of your surroundings. Do not use your cell phone in places that is not safe to prevent unfortunate events.


Last June 24, the topic for the Digital Lead Generation and Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Industry webinar is all about Mobile tools for Leads Management / CRM.

In this webinar, Ms. Janette Toral of Digital Filipino.com explained to her student how important her mobile phone to her especially during the time when her computer encountered a problem and need for repair.

At that time, she has a realization that she can do almost anything that she is doing in the computer in her mobile.

–          She can access her website and write a blog post using her mobile

–          She can conduct a webinar in her mobile by installing the Goto Meeting app

–          She can access all her updated file in Dropbox and Google Drive because it is sync to her computer

–          She can check on her phone the locations of the places she wants to go


And many more..


During the webinar, Ms. Janette Toral also showed the apps that she installed in her mobile and  it’s usage specially in the area of lead generation and customer relationship management.  She also tell her audience the apps that everyone must have on his/her mobile phone.

By the way, this webinar is recorded and will be uploaded in the Digital Filipino Influencers Boot Camp website and can be accessed by her paid students anytime.

All previous and incoming webinar for this module are recorded and will be uploaded also in the website so you can still join if you wanted to. Just check this link to know more about the webinar details and the topics on this module.
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