6 Qualifications that a Customer Support Freelancer should have

Hi everyone, It’s been almost a week since my last blog post and my apologies to those people who are waiting for this blog.

Last Jan. 14 , 2014 is the 8th webinar session for the 14-series Free Webinar in the Virtual Staff entrepreneur Program. Just like in the previous webinar, It started at the time indicated in the webinar schedule which is 7Pm. (If you are going to attend to the next webinar session, make sure that you go online at least five minutes before the specific time. The webinar is using Goto meeting and you have to install the app if it is not yet installed in your computer).

This is the topic discussed in the webinar

custo,er support


According to Wikipedia,  Customer Support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product.

Some people who are with this kind of jobs are normally former call center agents who go freelancing. But how about if you are not a call center agent and wanted to venture in this kind of career?

According to Mr. Genesis Reonico of OnlinejobsUniversity.com, these are the things needed to land in this type of job.

6  Qualification of customer support freelancer

  • Good and fast Typing skills
  • Good Oral and Written Communication Skills
  • Great in Managing, Organizing and responding to emails and chats
  • Willing to Learn new Things everyday
  • A good Working Microphone  and headset
  • Fast enough computer internet connection


To get you ahead of the competition, Mr. genesis advised also that a freelancer should have (or used)  any the following software:

  • Use and have access to VoIP 
  • Zen desk
  • Infusion Soft

This is important because let’s face it, if other freelancer also have your qualifications but they have a ready software to use , it will likely be that the other Freelancer will be hired instead of you.


Mr. Ron Cirujano, the country manager of Elance.com on the other hand said that the average rate for this kind of job is $8/hour.

As he always mentioned in the previous webinars, the key to get job on Elance is always to have a great profile because it is the one that the client would check first before hiring a contractor.

You must complete your profile information, take skill tests (do not worry if you fail because you can delete your test and  re-take it after 14 days).

The tests for this kind of jobs are under admin.

Here are the lists of test that a freelancer who wanted to offer customer service should take:

  1. Customer Service Test
  2. Email Etiquette
  3. Help Desk Certification
  4. Telephone Certificate Certification
  5. Admin Assistant
  6. Call center Skills Test

Before applying to any job in Elance, always remember to read all the details to make sure that you understand the project very well.

The mode of communication used in this type of jobs includes:

  1. Email
  2. Chat
  3. Phone (via Skype or US number)

Project Specific:

  1. Time Zone – always ask your client if you working at what time zone
  2. Response Guide – How are you going to answer the customer questions? Do they have a canned response?  Where would the response came from?
  3. Elevation of Concerns – if the concern cannot be answered by the canned responses, where are you going to pass the client for their concern
  4. Proper Phone Etiquette – always check (you can Google) the proper etiquette observed because it differ from country



  1. If you encountered an irate customer, Don’t take personally what they are saying. They are calling because they have a problem or not satisfied with the company service.  And also people differ according to their country of origin. The term or voice intonation that is foul to you must be just regular for them.
  2. Sound Proof your room specially if you are living in a noisy neighborhood. You do not want your client to hear your dog barking, the passing of a car or the yelling or your neighbors 🙂


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