5 Ways To Generate Leads with Social Media

social MediaSocial Media nowadays has become the most accessible way people interact with one another.

Many people (Including me) always use social media to get updates from friends, relatives and love ones. And we can do it even if they are not online because we can know their whereabouts by just checking their profiles. (Even my 64 year old mother has a Facebook account and she is always thrilled whenever she found a long lost friend especially if it’s from her school days.)

Because of this behavior, many companies are now spending their time and money on social media to generate leads.

Listed here are some approaches that can help in lead generation with Social Media

  1. Get to know your audience by checking their profile so that you can create your content according to their needs. Also check the things that matters to them to make sure that your topic will gain their interest.
  2. Post not just once (at least thrice) on your social media account to gain more reach and schedule your post during times where your audience are online. You can use social management tool like Hootsuite,  Buffer, Tweetdeck and many more to schedule your post.
  3. Link your website to your social media account so that you can engage with your audience more.
  4. Add a sign up form to your Facebook page so that interested people can be part of your mailing list.
  5. Advertise to social media to promote your brand.


According to Ms. Janette Toral of Digital Filipino.com during the Digital Lead Generation and Customer Relationship Management for real Estate Industry webinar, 35% of the total population Social Media indicatorsare penetrated by Social Media and on the average, people spent 4H 1M a day using it.

To help her students in their lead generation efforts, Ms. Janette show the lead generation/ research technique in the different Social Media Platform. She showed them the string of key words to use to generate more effective results.

It is important to do the research to understand the audience segment so that social media lead generation can be planed accordingly.

It is not wise to just follow what everybody else is doing because different audience has different approaches. What is okay for other brand might not be applicable to your audience.

The Digital Lead generation and Customer Relationship  Management for Real Estate Industry is a 12-series webinar happening every Tuesday at 7PM.

The Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation webinar is the 10th lesson for this module.

All materials are uploaded in the Influencers Boot Camp website and are available for access 24/7 for a year to their protégée members.

To know more about the program, kindly check this link.

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