5 Reasons Why an Audio or Video Should Have a Transcription


5 Reasons  Why  Audio or Video Should have a Transcription

  1. For extra SEO –  Content is still King and what do content have?  Text! By putting transcription to your audio or video you have a greater chance of being found by the search engine
  2. For searchability  – This can help the people who previously watched your video but cannot remember the title. What they recall was only a portion of what was discussed in the video
  3. For convenience – some people prefer to read because they can understand better if they are reading the text than just watching the video or listening to the audio. And they can also easily share the content/ favorite phrase through micro blogging site like twitter
  4. To support people who are hearing impaired
  5. To support people who do not have the computer capability to play the audio or video

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Aside from what I mentioned above, audio and video transcription are also used in medical, legal, captioning in the tv show or movie and many more.

Because of this, transcription is a lucrative business in the Philippines. Many countries prefer to outsource here since Filipino’s are good in English.

If you are a new Virtual Staff and want to try your ability to this field, here are some of the tips that Genesis Reonico of OnlineJobsUniversity.com imparted last 11th Webinar Session  Titled: Audio and Video Transcription.

Things needed for a transcription job

  • Computer with Audio and Video capabilities. Make sure that your sound card, video card, and headset are working well (it is not recommended to use speaker)
  • Steady Internet connection because  files that you will transcribe will be sent to you through the internet
  • Foot Pedal  to rewind, pause or forward the audio/video that you are transcribing. You can do the transcription without this equipment but if you have lost of transcription work to do, it is better that you invest because your hands would be busy typing  and the foot pedal would be a great help.

Tips in dealing with client

Tips in dealing with client


Here are the reasons why this job is in demand as stated in the presentation of  Mr. Ron Cirujano of Elance.com .

Reasons Why Filipino’s are in-demand in Video or audio transcription jobs:

  • We are excellent in Engish because this is our second language
  • We are patient
  • We can easily cross culture

Transcription job is the leading career in Elance and for this type of job, a freelancer normally gets an average rate of $9.19per hour or Php 414 per hour. And always the key to get a job is to have a great profile.

Here are some Tips given by Ms. Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino.com regarding transcription:

  • You can make a sample by transcribing an event like webinars and put it on your portfolio
  • Ask your client about the job responsibilities, If you will just transcribe or you will also do the editing
  • Check how long you can do it. Set a realistic price. Do not charge high if you are not fast and accurate in typing


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