5 Reasons to Wake Up for Wazzup Pilipinas Radio On Early Sunday Morning

Wazzup Pilipinas Radio

How do you feel about waking up early on Sunday morning? Yeah, I know, It’s painful but if the reason why you are waking up is very beneficial not only to your body but also to your life, then why not?

Here are the reasons why you should wake on Sunday Morning just to listen to Wazzup Pilipinas Radio!

1. Many interesting topics are discussed every Sunday Morning with guests from different industry.

Previous topics discussed on the Wazzup Pilipinas radio show were about Philippine anime enthusiasts and cosplayers, virtual assistance (VAPreneur), Filipino wrestlers (Manila Wrestling Federation), Independence Day special, e-Sports (Emperor e-Sports), helping out for Marawi incident victims (First Kick for Peace Foundation), K-Pop Fandom, Hataw Padyak biking group, Training using Ventriloquism with Puppets and Magic, Spoken Word, and soon on our next episode, Team Voltes V!

VAPreneur team with Ross Del Rosario at Wazzup Pilipinas Radio

VAPreneur team with Ross Del Rosario at Wazzup Pilipinas Radio

2. With every topic, the Wazzup Pilipinas Radio team instills thoughts and opinions to further engage, inspire and motivate people to become more successful in life. It is truly your early morning mental stimulation to enhance and boost your passion and creativity.

3. The radio show promises to further brighten up the Sunday mornings of early risers with discussions on pop culture, latest viral issues, event updates and trends, inspirational stories and advocacy, and a lot more topics featuring special early-rising guests.

4. Rising early in the morning is good for you. According to studies, most successful people are those who get a head start on the day and Sunday is not an exception. Early risers are happier, healthier and more productive than night owls.

5. You will have less StressHow you lead your life the 1st hour after you wake up sets the trend. You’ll be amazed at how more positive your day will become by waking up early.

Wazzup Pilipinas Radio has been regularly on air on a weekly basis every Sunday at 6 to 7 am, and has proudly topped all the rest of the early morning radio shows during that time. The radio show has been airing live on DZRJ 810 AM and livestreaming on 8Trimedia Network’s social media pages via YouTube: http://bit.ly/2sDn0dU and via Facebook Live: http://bit.ly/2sDTe8L

David Angelo -Wazzup Pilipinas Radio

Hosted by the Pambansang Blogger Ross Del Rosario, with co-hosts Master Pogi David D’Angelo, Millennial Momshie Sarah Muyco, and Ate ng Bayan Ayla De Joya.

Wazzup Pilipinas Radio 2The livestream of the radio show is also shared at Wazzup Pilipinas Facebook fan page at http://www.Facebook.com/wazzuppilipinas and the blog site at http://www.wazzuppilipinas.com.

Wazzup Pilipinas is a top emerging community blog site that has formed numerous collaborations with many brands and organizations as media partner, brand ambassador and social media influencer. It has been featured on many TV and radio shows, newspapers and magazines, and has received several awards and recognition from different award-giving bodies. The Wazzup Pilipinas radio show is a proud achievement highlighted as one of its many efforts to reach more people in the Philippines and around the world.

The Wazzup Pilipinas radio show is produced by the one and only Voicemaster of the Philippines, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales, of Creativoices Production and Pochology Academy.

Please visit their website: www.8trimedia.com. and look for Radio Broadcasting http://8trimedia.com/broadcast-live/ for the list of programs that you could watch and subscribe. There are live streaming feeds and links to their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You could also contact the program through their Textline 0939-9143988 and hotline 412-0288.