4 Tips on How to make an Awesome Presentation

“The main goal of presentation slides is to inform and make that information stick to the mind of those who will see it”  – Genesis Reonico of OnlineJobsUniversity.com



Whenever there are events either online or offline we usually see speakers lecturing with the aid of a presentation because it can help them convey their message to the audience better.

If those speakers got really busy and do not have enough time to do the presentation themselves, then they can outsource and this is where we, the virtual staff can come to their rescue.

The 10th lesson for the Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program tackled many tips that can help Virtual Staff who are planning to apply to this kind of job.

Let me mention some of what that they discussed during the webinar:

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Things you should ask before making the presentation

  1. Where it will be used – ask client if he/she will use it in an online or offline event. If it is an offline event then you should also ask about the venue, how many audiences and their distance to where the presentation will be played. This is to make sure that the audience can see the presentation well.
  2. Ask for the presentation outline –  to make sure that what you are going to do is perfectly align with what the speaker will be discussing later.

Tips in making a Presentation:

  1. Use the correct Font Size – to check if the text will be readable especially if it will be used in an offline event. Check the venue to your employer to make sure that you are using the right font size .The farther the audience to the screen, the bigger the font size should be (should not be smaller than 32 pixels).
  2. Transitions & animations are not always required – although it is captivating to have transition and animation in the slides, always check with your client where the slides will be used because if it’s in an online event, then it can eat up the internet band width. If your client is requiring you to make a transition for webinar presentation, make sure that you tell them how the transition can affect the band width.
  3. Fixed and consistent – Be consistent with the presentation.  If you noticed the presentation used by the VSEP speakers especially with Mr. Genesis Reonico’s slide, you can see that he is using a template (same border, text in the bottom in every slide). This is because major change in the presentation can also eat up the internet bandwidth.
  4. 3 second glance rule – all slides should be simple (not too many words) so that they can still connect with the audience. The audience should glance to the presentation for 3 seconds and return their attention to the speaker. If you put too many words on the presentation then there is a tendency that the audience will read the presentation instead of listening to the speaker.

There are different software to use in making a presentation and according to Mr. Genesis Reonico of OnlineJobsuniversity.com,  these are the 3 most popular software that people normally use.



Mr. Ron Cirujano of Elance.com mentioned in his presentation that there are diverse opportunities for freelances for this kind of job. If you will check the Elance platform, you can see these jobs under design and Multi Media.

The average hourly rate of virtual staff for this kind of job is at $ 12 and the key to get a good job in Elance is to have a good and complete profile.

Before bidding for a job, always read the project carefully to make sure that it matches your skills and you can deliver the job.

The last presenter for the VSEP was Ms. Janet Toral of DigitalFilipino.com.

She shared her experience and also gives some tips on how to make a good presentation:

  • Make a presentation based on speakers prospective.
  • Listen to talks and look at how they prepare and deliver the presentation.
  • Who is the hero- speaker or the audience?(audience is the hero because the speaker’s  role is to mentor).
  • The one who do the presentation should have the same wavelength of the presenter.
  • To make the presentation more interesting , it should answer the question what is (call to adventure) and what could be (show the adventure, call to action) and Try to give opposite to reach audience .


The Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program webinar will run until January 25, 2014. If you are not yet registered to the remaining webinars, I suggest that you register now because there are lots of things that you will learn from this event. (I can attest to that because I am learning a lot).  But just in case that you really can’t attend then don’t be disheartened because all of them are recorded.

To register and to know more about remaining topics  kindly click on this link  http://bit.ly/nextva



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