4 Things you should remember in making Facebook Advertisement

AdvertisementThe 7th topic for the Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program #vsep was Facebook and Google Advertising Account Management.

Mr. Genesis Reonico of OnlineJobsUniversity.com mentioned during the webinar that  Facebook recently made  changes in it’s algorithm. Links do not generate  much traffic as before because Facebook do not want it’s readers to navigate away from them.

Because of this, most businesses resulted in advertising their product to gain more reach (and this is what Facebook really likes them to do :-)).

Early this year, I have tried advertising on Facebook.

Facebook Advertisement is easy to set up and does not require any technical or special skills. But before you proceed make sure you adhere to Facebook Advertising Guidelines.

Things you should remember before you make your Facebook advertisement:

1. Check the content of your advertisement. It must not contain false , misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive claims

2. If you are a social media manager and manages more that one client. make sure that you have a separate account for each client

3. Ads must lead to a functioning landing page that does not interfere with a user’s ability to navigate away from the page

4. Check the text you put on your images, make sure it is not more that 20%

For compelete list of guidelines, you can check here

Let me share with you my Facebook Ad accomplishment.

This is the screen shot of my Facebook Ad

FB ad

As you can see, I set my daily limit to Php 50.00 and scheduled it for 5  days. That is why I spent Php 250.00 for the whole ad campaign period.

Maybe you will say, Hey Php 250.00 is still money, I can buy myself something for that amount . Yes you are right, but if you will check closely to the data presented above, you an see that the money spent on advertising is really worthy.

For that amount, the website generate 49 clicks (I used Domain FB ads), reached 18,466 FB users, 251 Ad clicks. And this is for only Php 250.00. How much more reach would I get if I increased the amount?

Because of this and because most business know the power of the social media and what it can do make their brands known, companies set aside budgets for their advertisement.

Here are another screen shots of my Facebook Page when I advertise

DB Add result


Just by analyzing theses graphs, you can see that there are really a huge increase in the reach.

Now back to Mr. Genesis Reonico’s Presentation 🙂

These are the Types of  Facebook Ad  that he mentioned:

  1. The standard Facebook Ad
  2. Sponsored Stories
  3. Page Post or Promoted Post
  4. Mobile App Install Ads
  5. The Domain FB Ads

He also showed the audience how to set up Facebook advertising, so if you want an extra knowledge on how to set up your own advertisement, I suggest that you view the recording of this webinar.

All webinar topics for this program were recorded and will be posted here http://certified.digitalfilipino.com/lesson   (Check next time if it is not yet posted :-))

Mr. Ron Cirujano, the country Manager of Elance.com mentioned that Facebook advertising jobs belong to only one category which is Sales and Marketing. The average virtual staff hourly rate for this job type of job is $18/hour and the key to get hired in Elance is to have a great and complete profile.

Tips given by Mr. Ron Cirujano if you will do advertisement:

  •  You must have a good photo
  •  Use excellent/catchy  wordings

 Many client do not know exactly what kind of advertisement they want when they post a job. Make sure to check all details first with your client.

  • Clarify the budget
  • What they want? Cost per click or cost per acquisition (know the bench mark on how to lower the cost and set target)
  • In Campaign key words population – Check if they already have a keyword or you will be the one to generate 
  • Know the scope of the project
  • Ask the advertisement landing page 
  • Ask the ad target location and if there are language involve 



The Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program webinar will run until January 25, 2014. If you are not yet registered to the remining lessons, you can  register here http://certified.digitalfilipino.com/course/virtual-staff-entrepreneur-program/


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