4 Reasons Why Landing Page is Important

landing pageAlmost every company nowadays have their own website because it helps them to have an online presence and to generate leads. But they sometimes forgot to put more details in one of the most important part of their website – the landing page.

What is a landing page anyway?

According to techopedia.com – A landing page refers to any Web page that a user arrives at after clicking a hyperlink.

So as per the definition itself, we can say that it is really important because landing page is done for a specific reason- to capture audience attention.

Here are some reason why landing page is important:

  1. It helps to generate leads by turning visitors into customers
  2. It is a place to showcase your product to your customers
  3. It helps to monitor your reach by checking your website analytics to see where your visitors are coming from
  4. It supply fuel to your other marketing channel by posting it to social media



This so called landing page is thoroughly discussed in the 8th session in the Digital Lead Generation and customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Industry webinar . Ms. Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino.com strongly advise that the landing page must meet the user needs and answer all of their questions such as:

  •  What problems do users have? – Landing page should specify how to solve the customer’s problem.
  •  What types of content users look for? – If you are the client, what kind of content do you want to see if you will check the website? (about page and services)

Ms. Janette also advice that If you will hire somebody to do a landing page for your business, all details should be laid down first for your website developer to see the bigger picture to avoid wasting time and money on revisions. To do this, you can use tools like flowchart, mind maps and inbound marketing flow to put your idea in black and white.

If you want to know more about landing page creation and the different kind of platform to use in creating a landing page, then visit this link to enroll or to just see the whole course topic.

The Digital Lead Generation and Customer Relationship for Real Estate Industry webinar is a 12-series webinar which aims to help people from Real Estate industry in generating their leads digitally.

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