3 Reasons Why I Love e-books

I can still remember my childhood days whenID-100207548  my mother would read us stories during weekends. We get excited every time because she is a good story teller. Maybe this was the reason why me and my siblings love to read.

Because of technology, books became available electronically.

I still read books, but mostly what I read now are e-books because of the following reasons.

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3 Reasons Why love e-books

  1. Cost – e-books are way cheaper than physical books and if you are lucky, you can also get them for free.(Authors give free copies for a limited time as part of their marketing campaign)
  2. Easy Access – my e-books are stored in my computer and cell phone. Because of this, I can read even I am out of the house as long as my cell phone is  with me.
  3. Convenience – because the e-books are electronic, I can make the font size bigger, put notes and highlight the text that caught my attention. It also have the capacity to land me to the page where I left off.


Just like me, many people prefer reading books online that is why  authors also wanted their books in digital form.

When authors experienced some difficulties publishing their  e-books, they need somebody to help them, and this is where the virtual staff / freelancers will come to their aid.

It is a good thing that the 13th webinar session in the Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program topic was all about e-book Creation. This can help virtual staff who are checking opportunities into this field.

Here are the 4 stages in e-book creation discussed by Mr. Genesis Reonico of OnlineJobsUniversity.com.

  1. Developing the content
  2. E book design and formatting
  3. Releasing and distribution
  4. Ongoing promotion



The second speaker was Mr. Ron Cirujano, The country Manager of Elance.com. He shared that most employer (as per what he sees in the job postings in Elance) are looking for someone who can create e-book using indesign. So it would be an edge to your part if you know the platform.

Ms. Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino.com also shared some tips to Virtual Staff who wanted to offer e-book creation as a service.

Tips for Virtual Staffs

  1. Capitalize on your skill. Aside from E-book creation, you can also offer your service to market the product (With additional fee of course)
  2. Have someone to proofread for you to have a fresh eye
  3. Ask client if they can mention your work in the e-book (If it is possible) so that you can use it as your portfolio

The Three speakers shared lot of tips for a virtual staff who wanted to land in this job. If you are not able to join in this webinar, do not disheartened because this webinar (and all the other VSEP) webinars are recorded and will be uploaded here http://certified.digitalfilipino.com/lesson/lesson-1-become-a-virtual-staff-entrepreneur/


The next webinar (and also the last session) will be on January 25, 2014 (Saturday) at 11AM. You can register here http://bit.ly/nextva


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