3 Important Things I Learned in the Digital Lead Generation and Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Industry Webinar

Digital Lead Generation and Customer Relationship Management

1. Digital Marketing is not as simple as it seems. Why? Because when it comes to digital you have to do the following:
– Make a website. If you do not have a website, then at least make a landing page on the social media channel that you are using so that you can direct your client to that landing page when you market your product. You should also consider the look of your website according to your audience perspective. (The website should not look glamorous because it can make your product look expensive or too simple that can make your product look cheap.)
– Write content and put SEO. In doing SEO, you have to make sure that you do not overuse the keywords because you will be penalized by Google.
– Promote your content in social media channels and engage to your audience. (This is very time consuming!)

2. Content is still King.
– You have to make a content that people would love and are willing to share.
– Your content should answer questions. By this, you are creating your level of authority in the subject matter so that when your customer needs to know something, all they have to do is visit your site.
– Write topics that are relevant to your audience. By being relevant, your readers will subscribe enthusiastically into your email list.
– It doesn’t matter if you are using WordPress, Joomla or Magento site. Your content will be the one that will trigger visitors to your site

3. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is the Key.
– Give your customer a symbol or something that can make them feel special.
– Do not make a reward for everyone. Only give it to your avid customer or advocate so that they can have the feeling of prestige. Make them feel that they are a rock star.
– Constantly engage with your customer and let them know that you care for them.
– Look for advocates not influencers because advocates will be the one who will be willing to share their thoughts about your brand – Online or Offline,
– Most people, when they want to buy something, they do not go directly to the company advertisers or to somebody who is affiliated to your brand. What they normally do is to check online or to ask their friends about your product. If you have a good customer relationship Management then you can earn brand advocates or brand ambassadors who will say good things about your product.

The Digital Lead Generation and Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Industry webinar was held last April 15, 2014 and was conducted by Ms. Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino.com. It’s actually a 12-series webinar and last April 15 was the first lesson.
The webinar target audiences are:
• Aspiring and current real estate service practitioners who would like to maximize the use of the Internet as a means to generate leads and communicate with customers and / or prospects.
• Aspiring and current digital marketing professionals wanting to serve the real estate industry as a client.

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