27 Raket or Sideline Ideas for December


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Did you know that the Philippines have earned the distinction of having the longest Christmas celebration?

Yes. 🙂 and we can’t deny this because we can feel the spirit of Christmas starting as early as September. We can hear Christmas songs everywhere and the malls slowly transform and change into their Christmas getup.

Everybody loves Christmas (specially me) because aside from the family get together, parties and gifts, it s also a time to have some Raket.

Here are the list of Raket or Sidelines that you can do this December.

Christmas Giveaways

  • People normally buy lots of small items for their giveaways so as early as November I normally started buying samples to show to my customer and also offer discount for bulk orders. (Tips: If you will sell Christmas giveaways, make sure that you get all their orders by 1st week to 2nd week of December. You will have a hard time buying your goods because Divisoria and the malls are crowded with buyers.  I had experienced onetime going from 169 store to Divisoria Mall took me about an hour because of the huge number of people. You need not to walk because the people who are walking around you are the one pushing you to move.)


  • Almost everyone buy new clothes because most people want to go to their Christmas party with a new pair. To make sure that I buy what my customer needs, I ask them first for their preferred style.

Fashion Stylist

  •  I never done this but saw this once on TV. What they do was to shop items for their client for a fee. So if you love shopping and have a keen eye for fashion then this is the best Raket for you.

Event Management / Party Host

  • There will be lots of party going on this December. You can offer your service as a party organizer or a party host.

Christmas foods

  • If you know how to cook, it is now time to sell some home made products like leche flan, ube jam, cakes, embotido, food for the Gods etc. You can have this pre-ordered for their Christmas meal or for their giveaways. (Or you can be a re-seller. During High School days my mom and I would get cake orders from our neighborhood, place the order to the supplier and then deliver the cakes a day before Christmas).


  • Children love toys and Divisoria is a perfect place to buy this and re-sell at a higher price.


  • Because December is also a time for Christmas Bonus,  people tend to buy new gadgets as a Christmas gifts for themselves or to the people they love. (My sister in the province normally buys gadgets for her office mates using her credit card. She put a small additional interest and the payment will be collected when their bonus arrive).

Personalize Calendar

  • There are lots of these kinds in Quiapo area. The calendar have lots of designs to choose from so you have to get samples to show to your customer.

House Decorating

  • Because of the Holiday season and family gatherings, people also want their homes to be as comfy as possible. If you know how to decorate then you can ask friends or neighbors to decorate their home for a fee.

Yaya / Nanny

  • The parents would be so busy with Christmas shoppings, party and other Christmas activity and they need an extra hand to take care of their kids.  You can be the children nanny during the time their parents are away.

Sales lady

  • The malls and stores will be full of people shopping for Christmas presents and they normally get an additional person to help them in assisting their customers.

Restaurant/ fast-food service crew

  • party is everywhere and the food consumption doubles. Restaurants and Fast-food chains needed additional crew to help them.

Bibingka and Puto Bumbong

  • It’s Misa de Gallo and you can have a stall beside the church so that the parishioners can buy your goods after the dawn mass for their breakfast.


  • Lots of parties, lots of family gatherings and they need a good picture to preserve the memory.

Pre-need plan

  • There are bonus and 13th month pay during December and people normally have extra cash. You can seize this opportunity to sell insurance policy.

Mobile bar

  • This Business is now sprouting because it brings convenience to the customer by bringing the bar to the party venue..

Mobile saloon

  • I seen this also in TV wherein the customer can have a saloon party in the comfort of their homes. 

Videoke rental

  • Filipinos love to sing. We have Videoke in the province and this is an in demand business during occasions.

Gift wrapping and paper bags

  • People are buying lots of gifts and the gift wrapping section in the Mall is crowded. If this is the case then your Raket will be a great solution to people who do not have time to wrap the gift themselves.

Cell phone loading

  • This is a whole year round business and December is the peak because people send Christmas greetings to almost everyone on their contact list.


  • Christmas parties means Christmas presentation. It is great time for dancers to have an extra buck.

Towel arrangement

  • You can turn a normal towel to an extra ordinary gift by arranging it to look like flower or any object that you can do.


  • People tend to buy more fruits during this season. What my sister in the province did was to buy in bulk when she went here in Manila and then re-sell it to her office mates at a cheaper price compared to the market. The fruits are normally sold out at an instant,

Fashion Jewelry

  • There are many fashion jewelries that you can get at a cheaper price if you buy in bulk in Quiapo. Just buy a nice looking box to make it more presentable.

Sound System

  • Parties needed a good sound system. If you have one at home, you can rent it out.

Lawn Mowing

  • If your neighbor is so busy with the Christmas preparations and you see that their garden is being neglected in the process, you can ask then to mow their lawn  for a fee.

note: If don’t know any of the jobs I listed above then don’t be in despair. There will be lots of parties and people are so busy so you can  still apply for a cleaning gig 🙂

December is a very lucrative time to sell anything because almost everyone buy things for their gift giving so just go ahead to whatever business idea you have. All you have to do is use your imagination and then make it happened.


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  • Do you also love Christmas?
  • What Raket or sideline you are going to do this Christmas. Can you share it with us?