10 Ways on how to Make Money Online


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Because of the technology, communication became an instant and the distances between far away countries are not felt anymore. You can communicate everywhere in any part of the world as long as you have the internet.

Companies coming from other countries can now outsource their contractor easily from other countries like the Philippines which make money making through online not impossible.


10 Ways to Make Money Online

1) Freelancing – As long as you have the skills, computer and internet then you are ready to go. There are many Job bidding sites available like Odesk.com, Freelancer.com, and Elance.com to name a few. Signing your account is free and after signing in all you have to do is update your profile, take the test and be verified. You are now ready to submit your bid in the posted job. (You can see many employers posting that they will only accept contractor with the lowers bid and if you applied for this job and your bid price is higher compared to others then you can kiss your application goodbye because they will  just decline immediately to your job proposal).

Another site where you can apply online is Fivrr.com and by the name itself you can post here the job that you can do for five dollar ($5). Another option is 199jobs.ph which is the Philippine counter part of Fivrr. You can post in 199job.ph the job that you can do for one hundred ninety nine pesos (Php 199.00).

2) AdSense – If you have a Blog with rich content and website traffic, you can apply it to AdSense. Once approved you will set-up where you want your add to appear . (Make sure that there are already lots of articles written on your blog because AdSense do not approve blogs with insufficient article). You can also apply your YouTube channel to adSense. Just make sure also that you have enough video published.

3) Article Writing – Another way to monetize your blog is by submitting it to payu2blog.com (For paid host) and to linkvehicle.com (For free WordPress Blog). Once approved you can receive paid writing project.

4) Online Tutoring – If you wanted to teach and do it in the comfort of your home then you can sign up to a tutoring agency like tutormatch.com and tutorgeek.com or you can put your profile in a tutor directory like Tutorprofiles.com, directoryoftutors.com or nationaldirectoryoftutors.com. There are many jobs available for tutors out there all you have to do is to Google the net :-).

5) Sell eBooks – If you are a writer you can make an eBook and publish it in Amazon or you can have a website with blog promoting your eBook.

6) Selling Photos – You can put your photo in many photo sharing website like freedigitalphoto.net, flckr.com, dreamstime.com and many more. There are lots of photo sharing website available where you can post your work to earn a few bucks.(This is not a very lucrative means of income because many people , including me just download photo with creative common license that only needs attribution).

7)Website Flipping – I do not know if someone is doing this in the Philippines. Website flipping involves buying a good domain name that is for sale with the intention of selling if for a higher price. People who are doing website flipping are saying that they are making a huge amount  out of it but they are also warning people who wanted to do this to be careful because some domains that they bought are not sold.

8) Online MLM(Multi Level Marketing) – We are seeing this recently in the net where our friends who are into MLM are posting their business into their Facebook wall with the intention of letting her/his friends know the business and at the same time generate income by having a new down line.

9) Selling your products in eBay, Sulit.com and ayosdito.ph to have a bigger audience and at the same time enjoy the convenience of selling your product while in the comfort of your home.

10) Online Shop – everything is okay now and you are ready to put our business into the next level. You already tested your product in online market place and it is now time to make your own online store. If you still have a Bazaar, you can use that opportunity to give your customers your calling card so that they will know where to find you when the Bazaar or Tiangge is over.


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